Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Thank you, corner!

You have made me believe
That corners are meant
For just punishments
And it's the centre
Which gets all the glory.

You have made me believe
That whatever is small
And not wide and bright
Deserves to be sidelined
And thrown away in a corner.

But, you didn't tell me
That once in a while
When the light will
Hurt my eyes
I will crave for a corner.

A corner where
The light feels dark
And feeling gets transformed
Into numbness
And just then
I will be fine

Corners don't need
Your glory
They don't need anything
For they are the ones
You rush to
When the sky doesn't
Accommodate you.

Yes, it's just when
The sky shows you
Your failure
And you feel
Out of place
In a place where
There is so much space
You rush to the corner.

Yet, you call the corner
A punishment.
How ungrateful are you?
How wretched are you?
How broken are you?

Monday, 24 July 2017

It's all fine!

You know everything is fine 
Just as fine you want to believe

Don't initiate those conversations
Where you want to dig the fine-ness.

It's all fine, the demons within
Will remain within and that's fine

Exposing those demons, hurricanes and tornados
Will kill our vibe of fine, so let it be.

You're asking me this question,
And you know I will give you that answer.

So, don't
Just don't

At least, for this one last time
Try to give in.

I am trying to not give up
But, my patience and perseverance...

Just let me sleep
thru all this

And wake me up
When it's okay to not be fine.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Out of love - 83!

The glamour of expression lies in its power to reach the places where light has hit hard and darkness has refused to heal.
Expression is revolutionary
There must have been something that must have taught you to breath in a coffin.
It's never a question that's answered, it's always an answer that leads to a question.
We're all slaves of science.
And one day when it's gone forever, instead of staying forever just let that phase not be disgraceful
And sometimes
And I repeat sometimes
You must slit open yourself
To just check that there's blood
And not venom,
Just not as yet, atleast
You aren't doing justice if you're just crossing the boundary. Don't cross it, tear it, break it, destroy it to the point it never dares to stop someone from doing and believing what they are capable of!
Things will eventually fall in place & after that they'll fall off. It's just winter summer spring & finally autumn.
Sky is not the limit, it's just an evidence that limits are inexistent!