Monday, 13 February 2017

कुछ अलफ़ाज़, बस यूँ ही -15!

पहले जब बुरा लगता था,
तब मैं रो लेती थी
अब बस हस देती हूं।
जब तुम थी तब मैं खुश थी, नहीं हो, तब भी ज़िंदा तो हूँ ही.
रुका नहीं कुछ, बस बदल गया सब.
किताबों से ज्यादा आंखें पढ़ी हैं
इसलिए शायद दर्द का एहसास ज्यादा
और बयान कम होता है।
जब भी दर्द होता है तो बस तुम्हारी आंखों को याद कर लेती हूं, और फिर ना जाने सब अपने आप ठीक कैसे हो जाता है।
अब मैं दर्पण के सामने नहीं जाती.
ना जाने यह कमबख्त
मेरा कोनसा टुकड़ा दिखा दें
जिसे मैं संभाल ना तो दूर
मैं देख तक ना पाऊं।
तेरी एक मुस्कान के लिए मैं उसको हज़ार सज़ाओं की रज़ा दे दूं, हर रोज़।
दोनों एक दूसरे को पकड़े हुए हैं इसलिए शायद संभले हुए हैं।
उन्हें सिर्फ मेरे अश्क दिखाई देते हैं
काश हर अश्क के पीछे छुपा
इंतज़ार भी नज़र आता
तो मेरी आँखों से छलका
हर एक बूँद स्वार्थ हो जाता.
तुम आओ या ना आओ, तुम्हारी याद तो रोज़ आ ही जाती है।
ख्वाहिशें हैं, बेनाम और सरफिरी तो होंगी ही.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

You're not wrong!

You're right, absolutely right
When you say,
I'm not what
I once was.

I'm not,
Because, everything including you,
Time, circumstances, situations
Have changed
And also, maybe because
Change is essential
And stagnation is fatal.

From being hurt
To now being numb
I have come a long way
And this struggle
Has kept me sane
All along the way.

Yes, I cherish this change
Even if it's not a very pleasant one
To you, me and others
I still do
And I think I will for sometime.

Out of love - 75!

If it's love, it'll stay. Yes, forever. The in and out business isn't something that exists in love.
Ignoring may or may not be a bliss, but, ignoring the ignorance certainly is blissful!
If you believe in passion you will feel the sweetness in your sweat!
But, they said magic is an illusion
A mere illusion, they emphasised, time and again.
Yet, you happened!
Now that we've become comfortably numb with this pain, let's step out of the comfort zone and try to heal again.
Love has never had any logic. It's meant to keep the insanity alive.
Your soul isn't your heart, it won't break and give up. It'll survive and you will emerge out as a winner!
Maybe, see you soon was made for hope.
The best way to get over your pain is to cure other people's pain. That's how we deal and heal each other!
The day your scars start hurting, you will realise the importance and beauty of healing and pain.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

You won't go, I know!

That thing which used to heal me
Is leaving me,
Leaving me in the middle of nowhere
I can't see a path
Neither backwards nor forwards.

The thing which re-assured me
To keep breathing,
Even when the oxygen stinked
That thing is leaving me.

But, you know what?
I won't stop you
Because, you've taught me
To let it go
For, if it's meant to be
It'll be
If not, then rest assured
There's a new lot, waiting.

Even though as I feel
You leaving, I'm not broken
I'm just a little low
Or maybe a little something
That I don't know.

But, don't worry you
You aren't human
You won't leave me, forever
You're, the thing which
Has taught me
Kept me
Nurtured me
Healed me
And so I'm sure
You won't leave me.

If you can make
Paintings out of my tears
Poetry out of my bleeding heart
And music out of my shattered soul
You, can never leave me like that.

You're art,
Not something like
Light and dark
Love and faith
Smiles and tears
You're not a mere phase
You're the eternity
That has always been real.

This phase of me feeling
You leaving
Shall pass,
But, I know
You won't pass
You'll stay,
Right here
Within me,
As always!

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Teach them!

Even if you don't teach them,
Science, maths and logic
They'll eventually learn it
Or maybe they can do
Just fine without knowing that too.

What you should teach them
Is love, the power of love
The magic that love brings along
The light and the infinity that compassion
Comes with
Yes, teach them that.

It's more important
Atleast more important than knowing
What 2+2 is.

Tell them that failure
Is not the end
Tell the darkness
Is not to be feared
But to be fought
With love.

Tell them the only
Battle they need to fight against
Is the battle going on in their head
And, that missiles and guns
Are absolutely useless.

All those borders
And boundaries
Are made by cowards
Teach them how to
Embrace the power
Of infinity and compassion.

Our kids,
Your children
My fellow human beings
Need not know
What is important
To print notes
For that is what
Necessity will force them to learn.

What the black and white
And all your schools
Will fail to teach
Is the power of
Colours, love, imagination
Infinity and freedom
For they are slaves of
Boundations and boundaries themselves.

And that's sad, very sad
But, what's light without dark
We can always teach
Without classrooms and blackboards
For love of knowledge
Knowledge of love
Have never known any bounds.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Imperfect perfections!

You know you've been
Failing miserably,
Because what you're doing
Is not what you should
But, you still are.

Nope, the rights and the wrongs
Aren't in a mess
All your recipes of perfection
Are just in place
You're failing.

You know why?

Because, your magic
Your light, your glow
Your smile
They're gone,
Gone with the pressure
Of being,
Being perfect.

All this while when
They were teaching you
The formulas of perfection
There was none who told
You the beauty of imperfections.

They didn't teach you
That your imperfection
Was your share of magic
They didn't,
Because, maybe and just maybe
They feared the fire your
Imperfection could ignite
The light that your imperfection
Could emit and bring delight.

They, are just losers
Who just find victory
In our loss,
They, are just a bunch
Of sadists, who find pleasure
In snatching our magic.

But, they fail
Fail again
And again
Because, what they are trying
To destroy is what that has
Kept them sane and alive.

Yes, it's the imperfection
In the perfectionist
That makes them be
What they are.
Yet, they try to snatch it.

But, don't worry
For every bad
There is a good
To balance
And for them
We, the unapologetic
Still exist,
Half broken,
Almost numb,
But, still we exist.

And maybe that is
How the world is
Dealing with the
Inability of healing.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Misinterpretation and patterns!

I hate this thing
About patterns,
The thing which
Interprets my unfinished thoughts
For mess and chaos.

The nights that
I wanted to have
Sweet dreams
Have got converted
Into those dreadful nights
Where insomnia has
Become my share of solace.

I'm not making sense
I may never make that
Had I known how to
I would have done
What I would want to.

Damn you patterns!
You forced me to
Find beauty in pain
And now that I've started to
You have made me numb

You greedy selfish thing
Your mess has got me in
And I'm not getting out of this
Anytime soon!