Saturday, 30 April 2016

Out of love - 50!

On some not so fine days, I find solace in my numbness.
She told me she needed me and I realised that life was a little more than just breathing.
I was not lost, I was un-acknowledged.
After its gone, things change but an essence of emptiness always stays.
Let's not fool each other
Let's not promise
An unreal forever
Our bond was a phase
And phases aren't meant
To last till eternity.
Either ignore me once and for all or just don't ever think about it. This thing in between is very tiring.
Definitions and meanings have always curbed freedom of imagination.
Most of the time, when I ask you questions I seek re - assurance more than any answer.
The glow in her eyes would heal a million bruises and wipe a zillion tears.
"Ignorance is bliss", said an ignored soul who wanted the world to know how strong it was, even after its soul was shredded into infinite pieces.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016


With time I
Lose and gain some
Relations, bonds and opportunities
A few of them, I cherish
Others, I simply regret.

Time just seems to
Flow and go
While my
Dreams and emotions
Are comparatively

It's difficult to
Keep up with time's
For time is
Always ready to
Slap me on my

Time defines a
Part of phase
But, isn't time
A phase itself?

Time may not change
But, times surely will
And so will I.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Fight to escape!

I know death
Looks attractive to you
For it'll all be
For once and for all
Without those temporary
Patches of white and all.

I know you're
A fighter and an escapist
You'll fight for life
And escape the fear of life.

Those shades of grey
That choke and suffocate you
Are your lovers
The ones who never leave your side
For  they have been your
Constants all this

Let's kill the ultimate death
And die a bit everyday
Too see the sun shine
And feel a little divine
Let's make a combination
Of life and death
Where you breath a little
And a screech bit too.

Feel the phases
All of them
The good
The bad
The ugly
And see the
Naughty moon laugh
At all of them.

Close your eyes
Open your soul
Don't be a spoil sport.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Out of love - 49!

When your scalp smells of sweat, your body screams for sleep yet you have a contented smile on your face that is the moment when you realise you are in love. In love with what you do!
Neither are you
Letting out
Nor am I
Both of us
Are pretending to live
As we die.
You meant magic to me but now you're the reason why I'm losing my faith in magic itself.
With every dance move
She lived a hundred smiles
And looked forward to a million miles.
Over thinking is a by product of love.
I'm a rock, and hence I shall stand where you left me and the way you left me.
All that she ever carried with her was a bag of hopes and a suitcase of memories.
Promised to try till death, unfortunately the spirit of trial died before her.
Understanding may or may not take time, but acceptance surely does.
It's one of those times
Yet again,
When my eyes want to
Shut down its shutter
My mind just wouldn't get rid
Of its shitty clutter.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016


That light which
Has been away
For a while
Is beginning to
Embrace the dark soul.

It's a new beginning
A new light is
About to enter,
Enter the dark soul
And a numb heart
The place where
The demons reside
Easily and peacefully.

But, Now
Times will change
For change is the only constant
And more importantly
Is essential.

After the dark
Comes the light
To bless embrace
And enlighten
The sight.

It's a phase
And hence
Shall pass
It has to
And it will.

Just hang on
Pretend to smile
As the real one
Will take some time.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

You know what?

You know what?
You'll never have to worry
For all your troubles will be
Mine first and yours next.

I'll take care of you
I'll love you
Selflessly and shamelessly
For you are my little infinity.

Our beautiful nights
In which we had cursed
The God damn light
For our unrealistic dreams
Belonged to the soothing dark
Which had its own spark

Remember our conversations?
The ones in which we
Healed each other
Unknowingly and gorgeously

Our fights, our smiles
Our notorious delights
Our little blasts
From our incredible past

Is it all gone?
Or has it vanished
In some suffocating
Thin air?

I want you
I need you
And above all
I love you

You may or may not
Be mine
But don't forget
To shine.

I'll wish for your smiles
For your smiles
Are the ones
Which make me smile.

Stay happy
Stay cool
Don't waste your
Time on this fool.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Out of love - 48!

Her tears were like acid to my soul.
Friends sat together after ages to chill and relax, ended up sleeping in each others lap, with the most serene smiles on their faces.
Set me free
Let me be
Wild, mad and unique.
Tried to build a wall amongst themselves didn't realise that both sides of the wall had graffiti made of memories.
Cracked the biggest business deal in town as business partners but the essence of their friendship was lost. Didn't know whether they failed or succeeded.
All I ever wanted was a tinch of attention from you, but you as usual had better things to do.
I don't fear explosion, but I fear to explode because of you for my love will get scattered and that will shatter me beyond bits.
All she ever craved was for someone who'd listen to her silence and talk to her eyes.
It takes courage to maintain faith in an era where fake is worshipped.
Back then you ignored, I felt hurt.
Gradually got used to the hurt and hence became numb.
Today when you come to me I should technically jump with joy but I don't because I can't as I'm numb already.

Friday, 8 April 2016


I love reading
Our old conversations.
The conversations in
Which you have
Ignored and hated me.

Our conversations
Which were often one sided
For I was desperate
To have you
Very  desperate, rather
But, you ignored me
You still do
But now I think
I am a little used to.

I didn't get you
I may never get you
Maybe you deserve
Someone better than me
For I am a piece of
Trash for you, already.

All I ever wished
And wanted was
Your happiness.
I still wish the same
Only if you could
Try and understand a bit.

I wish for your smiles
And a life as
Peaceful as the
Morning sky.
May your obstacles
Be mine
And you lead
A life
Incredibly divine.

You may not share
Your joys with me
But remember that
I'm there to help you
And be with you
During your days of

From nothingness to
Being acknowledged as
I've learned to smile
During the tough times.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

कुछ अलफ़ाज़, बस यूँ ही -10!

वक़्त की मार का प्रकोप तो देखिये जनाब आज अपने ही खवाब ना जाने कितने बड़े लालच जैसे लग रहे है।
जितनी शिद्दत से लोग हमारे जाने का इंतज़ार कर रहे हैं, अगर उसकी आधी शिद्दत से भी हमने जीने की कोशिश की होती तो आज हालत और हालात दोनों ही बेहतर होते।
बड़ी ही खूबसूरत चीज़ होती है
अपनी और अपने अपनों
की इह्मियत समझा जाती है
ये इंतज़ार की घडी
दर्द को पनाह देने के लिए रुक गए तो वक़्त और ज़िन्दगी दोनों गवा बैठेंगे।
मरने की ये बात नहीं
जीने का जज़्बात नहीं
कैसी अजब गज़ब पहेली है
ज़िन्दगी बड़ी अलबेली है।
वही किस्से वही हालात बस ना जाने कैसे बदल गया ये अंदाज़....
आज उस कबाड़ के राख को पुराने ज़ख्मों पे मल लिया.......लगता है अब कुछ हिसाब तो पूरा हो ही जाएगा।
आज सपनों का हिसाब माँगा है कल साँसों का मांगेंगे, आखिर कब तक जियेंगे ऐसे? 
आज मेरे अश्कों से फ़र्क नहीं पड़ रहा कल मेरे चले जाने से क्या फर्क पड़ेगा....
वो मेरे लफ़्ज़ों को
अपने रचाए चक्रह्युह मे 
कैद करने की कोशिशि करते रहे
और मै खवाबों की उड़ान मै मसरूफ रहा।

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Out of love - 47!

Do you dare to revive me from my numbness?
For me she almost meant everything, to her I maybe inexistent.
In the quest to heal each other and to ensure a little bit of light in each others life their souls healed, unknowingly yet beautifully.
In the end all we do is stitch our fragments to probably re assemble something similar to our soul.
Spoke to each other after quite sometime only to realise how beautifully and maturely the bud of the bond had blossomed into a flower.
Infinity and magic are matters of faith solely. 
A little essence of you around me is all I need.
 She was brave and so she pretend to smile while sitting next to her grave. 
I crave to miss the memories that you and I would have created together, only if we could ever be together. 
Symmetrical patterns, 
chaotic minds,
confused soul
a feeling so divine. 

Sunday, 3 April 2016


It's been a while
Since things
haven't been

It feels as if
The moon has lost its charm
And now it's creeping me out
Like my morning alarm

It's not what it was
It doesn't glow now
It doesn't embrace
My flow, now

Everything is a phase
And hence
It's bound to

Neither is love
Nor is hatred
An affair
For forever.

We're all temporary beings
With temporary feelings
Living in a temporary world
Trying to relax our fluctuating temper.

It's all temporary
You, me, time, life, phases
Everything for that matter
Is just temporary.

This too shall pass
For stagnation
is temporary
Unlike the flow

The glow will be back
So will the flow be
Yet again
Temporarily again, though.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Sinful changes!

It's strange how we
Can now pretend
In front of each other.

We were the one's
Who'd read each other's eyes
Just like that.

The one's who'd know and feel
Each other's pain before
Before it actually struck

With time we changed
And so did our