Monday, 26 October 2015

Out of love - 28!

With every pale, soggy and dusty photograph I held in my hand a flashback of memories followed. Reminding me about the time, occassion, company and lot more which finally led to a clickable moment!
A punctured mind is always less painful than a shredded heart
under the moonlit sky my dreams build and fly but as the sunshines they seem to die. WHY!!!
In the end FREEDOM is the only cause of suffocation!
freedom is an essence
That journey from ashes to mere memories had discovered a new ME! 
After every sweat drenched day there is a serene moonlit sky waiting for you to smile
In the end we are all sinners either of saints or of devils
Childhood is an essence,  it stays with you till the end its just that you start ignoring it and hence feel aged and old
You lose more than half the people and things that you possess without knowing that you have actually lost them. Its the time when you crave and need them, you finally realise that they are no more

Sunday, 25 October 2015

For forever!

Once upon a dream in a bubble far far away somewhere between the bright Venus and little Pluto existed a world, a world less known. This world was blessed with different species like our normal world. The only difference between the real world and this NOT SO real world was that every species here had traits of the other. A bear could understand a kangaroo's language and vice versa.
     It was a normal day for this crazy kangaroo called Dev. Dev woke up to its ridiculous alarm tone, went to the loo, Shat, flushed it, washed hands, did everything else required to kick start a normal day. On the other hand there was a crazier than the craziest bear known as Sonu. It was an almost normal day for this bear too until Dev the kangaroo entered it's life.
       One sunny day when the clouds were almost on the verge of sabotaging all the light, Dev met Sonu. They met, like good sophisticated cultured animals initially and after a couple of meetings there was no need to meet each other. They were connected all the time until one of them slept. Seeing each other's comical face was now officially an addiction.
  They laughed, fought, cared with and for each other. For Dev Sonu was priority and it was same for Sonu too. They had stitched each other's tattered soul, re-shaped each other's fragmented heart and had become an essential component of each other's life. Probabbly as essential as shit, because a day spent without shitting is like a day spent in a rotten hell. Both of them were so different from each other that the only similar or common thing they shared was SHIT. Dev shat and Sonu shat too.
  There was no reason or logic behimd this bond. It was and still is a bond because it just is. Those days when Sonu was not so well Dev would feel scared, very scared. Dev would feel as if a part of it was set on fire. Dev was addicted to Sonu. Sonu had become necessity now.
   They shared and still share a bond beyond love.  A bond beyond the boundaries of romanticism and affection.

To be continued till last breath...............

Saturday, 24 October 2015


They say
God is
I say
I am
You are
We are.

I haven't seen
I'm sure you haven't
I refuse to
Believe the unseen
I believe in self
And humanity.

Time heals
My wounds
And scars
I help time
To experience
Emotions of sorts.

I don't go to
Churches and temples
I just take care
Of myself and others
I acknowledge
The blessings
From everything
That surrounds me
And I know
The third power
In the universe
Is satisfied
With my deeds.

Feel divine!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Un- chained!

The chains
Have vanished
I feel free from
That wretched
Which had caged
My soul
My heart
My mind
Of course.

There is
An essence of
A soothing breeze
In my chest
The tsunamis
In my head
Have subsided
They have
Become pleasant
Waves of
A happy ocean
I can feel
My happiness
I can see
That shine
In my eyes.

I didn't
Do anything
I just be
What I'm
Acknowledging and
The way I'm
This very moment
Being grateful
For what I Have
More grateful
For things that
I don't own
For I know
Something better
Awaits me

Monday, 19 October 2015

Out of love - 27!

I pity time now, for its accused every time for something it can't do!
There were no stars to count, it was morning already yet the unseen dreams and almost unfelt emotions couldnt find a way out.
It's very rare
To find a person
Who really takes care
Of you 
Your dreams
Your insanity
Your weirdness
Your uniqueness 
As is.
Either you respect everybody or you don't respect anybody. Let's not distort the spirit of respect. 
A shirt wet with friend's tears never dries.
Her eyes were burning and my heart was ashes already. 
Conversations happened but there was a strange and an awkward silence inbetween.That magic was almost lost.
And then with the flow
she went to a different
sea shore
and I couldnt stop her
because she wasnt mine
A part of me died
That heart in me cried
I couldnt believe
She wasnt mine
They ruined my most priced possession and they thought the inability to breathe was called being Dead!!
A slight
Essence of failure
A dash
Of betrayal
A tinch
Of hearbreak 
Have made
Me strong
As never before!

Friday, 16 October 2015

Circle and transitions!

Its strange how we always claim to love light but never understand its value without dark. Its captivity which induces the need and the craving to attain freedom whether within or around is a different aspect. The transition from light to dark, good to bad, black to white is all cyclic and that is probabbly the reason why a circle is one of the most complicated shapes that i feel exists.
I maybe wrong here but i feel a strong essence of magic when it comes to emotional transitions. Its strange how people actually affect your mood while fat books claim that your mood should not be dependant on factors that surround you. They say dont give your remote to anyone whereas I feel I never had my own remote. How can I give something which i dont posses?
People around me whether good or very good affect me and even though i hate to accept it there is no way in which i can deny this fact. This is the kind of hypocritical circle that scares me.
I love a colour today and i start hating that same colour after sometime I refuse to acknowledge the reason behind it despite of knowing it very well. Everything whether within or around seems to be a circle.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Dear brother!

A friend in need
A therapist indeed
Dear brother 
You're a blessing 
Like no other
I try to 
Miss you 
But I can't 
You're always there
In my heart
I look up to you 
Not because 
I want to be you
It's because I know
When you're there
I don't have to 
Look elsewhere
Dear brother
I know you 
Are there 
To take care
And make me smile
All my life
I love you 
I cherish you more
For I know
Love is eternal 
And so are you
To me

Yours truly
Little Kittle

Friday, 9 October 2015

Out of love- 26!

And then the story was left incomplete because there was nothing to articulate. 
It was all numb and dark now.
In this quest to shine I forgot how to glow!
Under the 
Moon lit sky
I stand 
And be 
Not what they
Want me to be 
Nor what I 
Wish to be 
I be what I am
Committing a mistake and repeating a mistake are two very different things! 
If losing a battle helps you win hearts isn't it a victory in disguise
There was 
A story
A dream 
A day
A joy
A broken star can't hamper the skys glory! 
There is escapism only because of enforced locks! 
To you I am, exactly what you see.
And then the ribbons floated around her only to make her realise how free she was.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

A being!

It was hurt
But there was no pain
It had a heart
But no emotions
It was happy
But the joy
Didn't exist
It was a being
Which felt like
A commodity
There was a
Hidden scream
In its silence
It craved
Craved for some
And maybe a
Bit of acceptance too
It was a being
Living and breathing
Yet it felt
As if it was
Inert and lifeless

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

कुछ अलफ़ाज़, बस यूँ ही - 06!

मुस्कुराते लबों का ये मतलब नहीं की आँखों को झूठ बोलना आगया ।
रिश्ते तो सिफॆ किताबों या ख्वाबों में होते हैं क्योंकि हकीकत तो सौदेबाजी की गुलाम है। 
यादें भी अजीब होती हैं, अतीत कुछ इस कद्र याद दिला देती हैं की आज का होश ही नहीं रहता ।
कुछ ज़ख्म भरते नहीं हैं, बस पुराने हो जाते हैं। 
दुश्मन गोली मारे तो सिर्फ चोट लगती है, और अगर कोई अपना मारे तो ज़िदगी बोझ लगती है।
ददॆ का वो मुकाम जहाँ जख्म के होने का एहसास ही ना हो।
रिश्तों को नाम या पहचान की नहीं सिर्फ वक्त और भरोसे की ज़रूरत होती है।
ददॆ में बिताये हर लम्हें ने आज मुसकुराने के काबिल बनाया है।
तुझे भुलाने की हिम्मत तो मैं कर भी लूंगी लेकिन उन यादों का क्या करूँ जो मेरे कम्बख्त ज़हन में बसी हैं।
कुछ ज़ख्मों पर सिर्फ धूल जमने का इंतजार होता है।

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

It's all about perspectives!

There is no
Joy without sorrow
Light without dark
Success without failure
It's all about perspective
Which you and I
Learn with time
With our own share of
Hardships and lows.

The bad and sad times
Teach you how to
Stand firm after a collapse
It's because of 
The lows and the quakes
You learn to
Rebuild and reconstruct
It's the ashes
Which teach
And sometimes force you
To value what you have.
It's all about
The Perspective
That you and I have.

After ages!

It's almost
After ages
I feel
I can feel
That essence
Of silence
And ease
That doesn't
Get me peace
I'm restless
But at ease.

I'm not at
Peace because
I know
I've to make it
And not
Attain it
I have to
Create peace
For myself
And my soul
Because they
Play an
Important role.

Monday, 5 October 2015

I flow!

I flow
Like a stream
Moving yet serene
I hit the
Stones and rocks
Injuring and pausing
Myself for a while.

I go on
Bruised or not
Pained or not
I flow
I like it
Or not.

I'm a stream
Which has fish
Some dead some alive
Lazy turtles
Lively crabs
I'm a combination
Of the
Good bad and ugly
Happiness craziness and sorrow
But I flow
Because I have to
And now
I want to.

Saturday, 3 October 2015


I crave for
Some comfort
The kind of
Comfort that acceptance
Gives me
By accepting me
The way I am.
By giving me
Some space to be
What I'm truly.

I look for corners
Corners where
I can hide myself
From the world
Yet feel accepted
By some
I crave for eyes
That can read my mind
I crave for hearts
That can feel my silence
I crave for shoulders
That don't feel
The weight of my head.

Help me find
Some comfort
In them
Because these things
Don't Expect
All they do is
And that is what

Friday, 2 October 2015


Say it with
Grace and gratitude
For it has
Taught you
Something which
Classrooms and books
Couldn't ever do.

Be grateful
As it has
Given you
Memories worth cherishing
Times worth remembering
Moments which
Made you happy.

Bless the universe
It gave you
Hours of relaxation
Minutes to smile
Seconds of bliss
It has given you
Times that you
Will miss

Be thankful
To the time
Which makes
It so difficult
To say