Monday, 30 November 2015

कला ज़िदगी!

मेरी मन्नत
मेरी दुआ
मेरी जिद्द
मेरी रज़ा
मेरा पागलपन
मेरा जूनून
सब तुम ही तो हो

तुम मेरी रगों
में बहता खून हो
मेरी धडकनों का
वजूद हो
मेरी साँसों का
बहाना हो
ज़िन्दगी का एक
मात्र सहारा हो
तुम कला हो मेरी
ज़िन्दगी हो
मुझ में बसी
यूं अकेली
खुशी हो

Sunday, 29 November 2015

This volcano!

I can feel
A volcano
Emerging, boiling
In me
Its on the
Verge of explosion
But I know
It won't explode
For it fears
The world outside
Or maybe
The world
Outside can't
Handle it.

It's burning
It is
Yet incredibly

This volcano
Inside me.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015


There's something
Strange about silence
It attracts me
It enables me
To listen to
What my
Soul and heart
Are saying.

It's the silence
Which helps
Me feel the
Transition between
The turmoil like wave
And the soothing wave
Which flow in me
Every moment

It's the silence
Which answers
All my questions
Without any
Commotion and confusion.

It's the silence
Which is
Music to my
Therapy to my
And a
For my heart.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

A possession and beyond!

This place is a possession which makes me feel rich. It's like a shoulder on which you can rest and cry. It's one of those healers where you could go broken, fragmented, shattered and almost shredded and by the time you'd leave this place for the day you can actually very very honestly feel rejuvenated.
Yes! This composition of bricks and cement restores my faith on magic every damn day.
As they say you come here as a student and end up being a resident of this dusty crazy beyond home like thing.
I call this place, an emotion, a possession, a friend and anything  which I'd ever need.
A necessity, an addiction, a friend, a lover, an obsession and most importantly the best therapist this universe will ever have!!!

Glow on you school of dreamers and believers.

You were, you are and shall always remain the priority of my life.
Giving you love is something beyond my capacity for you have defined and embed love in me.

Glow on!!!!!

A mug of coffee!

As I sip
This hot coffee
From this white
Mug and not cup
I can feel
A certain essence
Of peace and serenity.

As I watch
The steam
Which is coming out
From my mug
I realise
That this world
Is like STEAM
It flows
It's upto you
Whether you want
To burn your hand
Or soothe your throat
But what remains
Constant is the

Add sugar
To your coffee
The way you'd
Like to add
Happiness in life
Enjoy it warm
For it is meant
To be enjoyed
That way
Live before you
For this moment
Is all what
You've got
To relish and cherish
Live and love
Before it evaporates.

Dream on!

Let there be magic
Let there be confetti
Let there be rage
If need be.

All you
Gotta remember
Is that
You had
A dream
Which has made
You sleepless
A dream
Which wants you
To live more
Breathe more
Fight more
Learn more

Live for it
Work on It
Bleed and sweat
For It

For it is
All you've got

Dream. Achieve. Shine

Out of love - 32!

Maybe a Re-stitched chest gives you more space to breath.
Death may come near you a lot of times but shall bless you only once. ONE DAMN TIME.
Sometimes you must bleed and injure only to realise and feel how magically beautifully artistic it is to HEAL.

Killing a bit
To survive a little
Fighting with self
To please one another
A battle fought
A war won yet lost everyday.
Only if you had the patience to unveil it layer by layer.
Everything that pricks doesnt really pinch!
Art is one of those sinners you hate to love
Inspirations aren't understood they are just interpreted..
Only if you could believe my dream more than me.....


A white world!.

I write relentlessly
Only to feel
How it feels
To feel nothing
Nothing at all
A state beyond
Numbness and peace

A state which
They call BLISS
Where the world
Is white
And white is
The world
Where air
Is all that
Prevails and exists.

A place where
There is
Neither an emotion
Nor a job
White is all
What the world
Has got.

No love
No war
Making the
Less complicated
For all.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Art, as is!

They are wrong when they say art is a MEDIUM of expression. Yes! they are. Art is an emotion which flows in you and me, it neither requires a name nor a medium. All it ever needs or rather is based on is soul and love. Nothing more than that and nothing less than that.
There are times when one feels like giving up, quitting or maybe something similar to these emotions and feels lighter, better or calm once they get connected with art. Listening, hearing, speaking everything that surrounds and resides in you is art.
You are the medium of art and not vice versa.
Art can or rather always helps you in one way or the other. It is like an unseen yet felt friend, it stands by and for you without asking for anything in return. It stays with you FOREVER.
Some feel they are art themselves, some consider art as a part of their soul, basically different people give you different perspectives about art.
But, what remains constant is that ART is so close to us. Art is not a medium for us, we are mediums of art!

Therefore, Art is an emotion and a friend both! :D

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Friday, 20 November 2015


It doesn't glow
It doesn't shine
It doesn't glitter
It's something
Which lies within
And brings
Happiness and delight.

You may not
See it
For it's not
Visible always
You can feel it
Every moment
Maybe, because
Its in you
In your eyes
Or maybe
Somewhere else
But it's there
In you
For sure.

It's light.
The light
You and I
To brighten
And enlighten
The world.

The light
Which helps
The universe
Glow before
It shines
The light
Which helps
Instead of
Competing with it
The light
Which blesses
Is the light
Every human

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Annexing Self!

There are times when you can feel your mind bleed, heart sink and body going numb. The blood flowing in the body seems to be like acid which is burning you within.
To top everything you  gotta study about wars for your exams, there are wars happening all around and the battle within is a different case altogether.
It's during these times that you actually discover the warrior the fighter and maybe a student in you!

In the spirit of never giving up and for the love of conquering what I wish to!

Hello exams!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Yet another delusion

Where do I go
When I feel numb
And absolutely dumb
Should I look
For corners to
Hide in
For those doors
That'd never open
Once I'm in.

I shiver
As I realise
Love is nothing
More than a delusion
Yet, I crave for it
Truly and desperately

Locked doors
Shut windows
Suffocating rooms
Is what we've got
Pretend to live
Before its gone

Monday, 16 November 2015

Out of love - 31!

What is right
May or may not
Bless the sight
Shall always
Lead you to some
Shoot that faith and hope which pretend to give you a better tommorow! 
If distractions give you your share of peace and escapism, then why get rid of them.
The suicide note wasn't surprising at all, it was just a well articulated form of the screaming wet pillow every morning
go down the road and damn the read. You dont need to be cautious anyways.
Composition of bricks and cement vs a combination of people you would love to share your space with. 
It's strange how we hate the art which resides in us yet love the spirit of art which surrounds. 
Suffocation is fatal, pain fortunately isn't. 
It's strange how
Things that used
To affect me then
Don't affect me now

Either I've 
Accepted them 
Or I've become
Comfortably numb
And they thought residence and home meant the same.

A thought!

As I wander
On this chaotic road
While pretending
To be
I realise how
I've been to
Actually feel

My thoughts
Aren't really mine
They are influences
Influenced by
Things that
Surround me
And you.

What's in head
Isn't yours
What's in heart
Might be yours
What's in dream
Is solely yours

Every dream
That you
Is yours
And yours truly
And I wish
To give my dreams
A thought, first
And others

Friday, 13 November 2015

Happy birthday best friend!

A bond beyond words 
Love beyond expression
A joy felt every second 
Pictures together cherished every moment 
A relation which glows 
An incredible combination of souls 

A late birthday wish 
By a foolish kid 

Happy birthday best friend. 

I love you more than the most! 

To the spirit of infinite birthday cakes which will be cut in the next one million decades. 

With lots of smiles, sweetness, and love. 

Cheers! :)

Thursday, 12 November 2015

An incomplete joy!

As I sit on this cold uncomfortable marble floor, trying to look at the sky while the grey suffocating smoke tries to burn my eyes and suffocate me. All I crave for is you grandpa.

As I nibble this chocolate which isn't tasting very sweet today for some reason there is a series of flashbacks of our moments. Whether it be putting candles, re-arranging the already set lights, that excitement of getting a gift from you and most importantly the diwali dinner.
Today this festival is back yet again this bungalow is well lit yet again, there are fancy candles everywhere, the cook has done a fantastic job as usual but this isn't my HAPPY diwali. This is my fourth diwali without you. But that void remains as it is. That space which belonged to you still belongs to you, obviously.

I know you are there shining bright somewhere in the night sky, making millions smile by glowing brighter than the brightest up there. Being the reason of hope for thousands by twinkling there in the dark.  However, optimistic I try to sound or pretend at the end of the day the fact remains the same i.e. I MISS YOU.

Diwali has lost its essence of light now it's all about that suffocating smoke which tries hard to conjest my chest and burn my eyes. This day has just become an official day to flaunt now. Going to places exchanging gifts and not smiles or hugs, wishing people despite of hating them and what not.
This wouldn't have happened had you been there.
Anyways, you shine on there in the sky, while I pretend to be happy and content.
Universe has probably promoted you. Initially you only had to take care of my smile, now you have to do that for a zillion people. I know you're doing your job well.
I may or may not learn this art of making people smile but I think I'll just ensure that I atleast don't hurt people.

Keep glowing my old man, for that is my light irrespective of Diwali.

I love you!
And I miss you beyond words!

Yours and only yours,
Naughty girl.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

कुछ अलफ़ाज़, बस यूँ ही -07!

उड़ान पंखों से नहीं, हौंसलों से होती है।
कहानियों का अंत होता है, दास्तानों का नहीं ।
कुछ चीज़ें और रिश्ते बनते ही ख़तम होने के लिए हैं, कितनी भी मेहनत करो उनके लिए अंत में उनको राख ही होना होता है
ख्वाब अधूरे रहना का नहीं, टूटने का डर है।
जिन्हें हमारे अलफ़ाज़ भी ना समझ आये उनको नैनो मे बसा दर्द या ख़ुशी कहा से समझ आएगी
टूटने को तो कुछ था ही नहीं बस जो जैसा था वो उजड़ गया और कुछ नहीं.
ज़िन्दगी भर जंजीरों ने जकड के रखा आज जब उनसे रिहा हो गए तब भी आजादी का एहसास नहीं हो रहा क्यूंकि उन जंजीरों से रिहा हो कर अपनी कैद मे फिर बंध  गए. 
आजादी तो कहीं मिली ही नहीं 
कहानियाँ अनकही नहीं सिर्फ अनसुनी होती है।
उस से इतनी मिन्नतें करीं
की कमबख्त दर्द भी बोल पड़ा
की ये मै नहीं ऐ नादान
ये तेरा इश्क है जो
तेरे अश्कों तक को कैद करके बैठा है
तुम मेरी वो दुआ हो 
जो किसी फ़रिश्ते ने 
मेरे हक में पढ़ी है
 तुम वो मन्नत हो 
जो कुबूल हुई है 

आखिर कैसे देखू तुम्हे यूं राख होते हुए

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Happy Diwali!

I'd love to
Wish you light
But I won't
For I know
It's already
There in you.

Your soul glows
Because of the
Internal light
And that is
What brings
To you me and
Everybody that surrounds

I'd wish you
Spark and shine
Luck and love
For that is all
I wish for
You and me
I hope all
Of us get it
You and me.

Happy Diwali! :)

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Out of love 30!

It cared
It Loved 
For it was
All it had 
To give 
And take 
In the end people show you their true colors and that is exactly the time when you realise that their is a mirror in you in which they finally see their reflection. 
If it doesn't fade away, make a window and let it escape
Nobody felt the pain those stitches gave, all they saw was an ugly patch on the face they (un)fortunately saw quite often.
It went beyond the colours only to realise who beautifully magical the colourful soulful black was....
Light is bright, they say
for me its a matter of sight.

I find night sky bright
For it treats me better
Without any fight.
death is dark
life is darker
giving up is THE DARKEST
That transition from Tantra Tees to Allen Solley shirts had made her realize that life had changed. Changed drastically
"i only believe, what I see" she said, before she folded her hands to pray to God. Unseen and unfelt as usual. Hypocricy's ego was massaged yet again
Though it's mighty and majestic, it still remains black. 

Friday, 6 November 2015

Cheers to being me!

They call me
For I refuse
To follow their
Nauseating rules
Of sanity
And shameless
Policies of destruction.

I'm a ruthless
A black spot
Because I don't
With stand their
Ridiculously awful

I'm a cynic
For I don't
Massage their
Pseudo intellectual

I'm a psycho
For I don't
Give a damn
About what they

I'm almost
Everything you
Never want to be
Or want anyone
Around you to be

Yet, I'm
What I am
Not pretending
To be
What you
Expect me to be.

I am
Kind of glad
About that
Despite of being
A black spot
And a failure
In your view.

Thursday, 5 November 2015


Sunshine is valued
Moonlight is treasured
For shine is
Light is
For real.

What glows
In the dark
Is what shows
The path.
What shines
Bright usually
Hampers the sight.

Shine surrounds
What glows bright
Light is within
And around
Irrespective of
What surrounds

They worship
The sun
Call it divine
As if it's
A blessing like
No other
Is it because it's
And brings pseudo

They stare
At the moon
Restoring their
Faith in
Peace and serenity
For the moon
Doesn't ask
For your
Selfish prayers
It's beyond
Your desperate

Monday, 2 November 2015

Out of love - 29!

A bleeding eye can see things beyond retinas ability to capture.
Every person who is associated with art is an escapist first and an artist next.
Every morning its moist pillow held a burden which it and nobody around it could handle all day.
That awkward silence between them said volumes about their relationship!
who said there were a million stars, everytime I looked there all i saw was you..
They knew each other so well, that silence was the only thing they could share.
Machine detected boiling blood, shattered heart, fragmented soul and sold passions were ignored as usual.
You dont need a degree to show and be compassionate.
syringes used to prick the skin then, today the blue ticks on whatsapp have replaced the shredder of hearts.
The people you love the most are the ones who shred, you, your soul , almost everything in and around you.

Sunday, 1 November 2015


We're all sinners
Either of saints
Or of devils
Yes! We are
Because nobody is
Neither you
Nor me
We are
But not perfectionists
We make mistakes
At times commit crimes
Only to realise
How beautiful it is
To fall and rise
Rise higher than
What we were
To learn how
To overcome the
Pain and suffering.

I'm a sinner
Of pain and evil
Because I choose
To count my blessings
Even when I'm
In pain
I don't acknowledge
The evil
Because I know
"This too shall pass"
I'm a proud sinner
Are you a
Proud sinner too?