Friday, 31 July 2015

Out of love 17!

That halo of guilt which surrounds the head...
When pain strikes, love helps you revive.
Every lie is a manipulated form of truth.
The best part of a sleepless night is that you atleast don't have to fear nightmares!
Only thing which is ever worth chasing is your DREAMS! Go run for and after it. :)
Even after emitting so much of light and heat our beloved SUN was declared lifeless!
That thinnest line of difference between being prepared for the worst and over thinking.
Even though there are one million things I should or may be ashamed of, but then being ME is not one of them!
At times it is easy to accept certain things but believing them and trying to handle them is an art itself.
Your dignity never stops you from flying. Then why think. Go chase your dreams and fly higher than the highest.

My dreams

My dreams
Are like
They flow
And travel
Without knowing
Their purpose
And destination.

They don't know
Where will they go
They have
No clue
Whether they will
Ever have a tomorrow
All they know
Is how to
Wander from one
Place to another
Without knowing
The directions
And destinations.

My dreams
Are like
A bubble
Which can
Be bursted
Any moment
Till the time
The bubble flies
I wish to
Enjoy the colour
And the freedom
That it posses
And brings along

My dreams are
At times unreal
Sometimes horrific
But, still
They are mine.
I own them
They own me.

Thursday, 30 July 2015


We belong to
A breed
Known as
It's a breed
Worse than
The worst
Where you kill
Your own
Many more
Just for wealth
On which you
Can easily dwell.
Does this
Breed even
Know the
Of this
The emotion
Associated with it?
We are a
Where we
Each other
So, that we
Can massage
Our wicked
Man and kind
Are opposites
They are
Like parallel lines
Which can
Never meet.
Which can
Never unite.
Their destinations
Are different.
Man is mean
Kind is kind.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015


It's not what you see
It's what you believe
Whether it is
Good, bad or ugly.

Reality is a bubble
Dreams are subtle
Everything else is an illusion
And at times a delusion.

There is no truth no lie
No wrong no right
There are no maps
To live life.

This moment
This very second
Is all you have
Live it before it's gone.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Shut to open!

As I bleed and sweat
With pain and regret
I decide to shut my eyes
To EASE myself.

I see the beauty inside out
Feel the serenity around.
Shut eyes open my insight
To allow me experience joy and delight.

Sunday, 26 July 2015


From dark to light
Death to life
Travelled a hope
A 100 miles.

Making sun glow
To helping moon shine
There travelled a
Ray of hope
All the time

From wiping tears
To ensuring smiles
There flew a
Balloon of hope
Every time.

Helping you
Travel through
Your highs and lows
And joys and sorrows
Hope beloved was always
By your side.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Out of love 16!

From life to death
From dark to light
travelled a hope
A hundred miles......
When you can't feel and see stars shine you gotta accept that you've lost and ruined a reason to smile!
Flawed But Thriving
We breathe and learn and ad mist this we sometimes manage to find time to live too.
There is nothing known as a WRONG QUESTION its just that we dont have answers all the time.
That transition from going to bed early to see some SWEET dreams to giving up on sleep just to stay away from nightmares, is one of those transitions which is probably one of those reasons for increasing number of insomniacs!
Words aren't left unsaid, it's the emotions and feelings which remain unarticulated.
That hidden beauty in ambiguity.
That inbuilt lens of colours and glitter in the eyes! 
The most under estimated person on earth usually is I.

Beloved sparkler!

Those eyes
That shine
And sparkle
With innocence
Joys and dreams
Without fail.
Trying to
See things
With those
Eyes through
That inbuilt
Lens of glitter
And colours.

That crease less forehead
Which enjoys
It's tension less
And that
Thing behind
This forehead
Has seen and imagined
World in a way
Which is different
From ours
It has
A witty sun
A humorous moon
Comical stars
Smiling clouds
And a lot more
Which we don't know.

How long will
This innocence
It will vanish
One day
Giving up those
Smiles and shines
In front of
Those useless
Materialistic pleasures.
That beloved sparkler
Within will say
Once you
Start saying Hi
To marks and cheques.

Treasure the
Sparkler within
For that is
All that you have.

Friday, 24 July 2015

A blissful night!

It is one of
THOSE blissful nights
When my mind
Unknowigly decides to
Go blank
Absoloutely blank.

All I can
See, as I
Shut my eyes
Is a blank
BLACK canvas
Waiting and craving
To be painted
With colours of life.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

I know, she is!

I am 19 and she is 23. I am her daughter and she is my MAAJI. I am that crazy person who is jumping and dancing all over the place and she is the one who is always busy clicking my smiles. I never learnt how to play guitar and I don't know how to play it but still she likes when I strum those strings. She was always there. Sorry! Is always there for and with me. It's the stupid death certificate which considers her dead. I know she is there. ALIVE and SHINING bright. A piece of paper won't decide whether my beloved is there or not. I will.
They say they have cremated her. I don't believe them. They are lying. How can they cremate her when she is there with me? I agree I haven't seen her for a while now. I agree she hasn't messaged me "kaam hota rahega, chocolate shake pee lo pehle warna mai champi nahi karungi". But, that doesn't mean she is dead. There could be a network problem or her phone would have stopped working. How can I believe something which I know is not true? She has promised me that she will never leave me. She has pledged to marry a groom of my choice. She never breaks her promises. I know she hasn't broken it. She can't. She isn't that type.
The doctors these days are of no use. They are just use to nonsensical blabbering.
How can they declare that she is dead. When SHE IS NOT. Senseless beings they are.
I know my MAAJI is there.
We both wanted to build a mansion on Venus because we're tooo cool for Earth. I think she has gone there for a while to look for a place where we can build our dream mansion. Don't worry she will come back in a couple of days and will prove all those documents and doctors wrong.
She is mine and I know she won't ever leave me.


Hatred isn't bound
By borders
It creates them
Forms divides
Leading to
Partition between
Countries and beings.

Love and innocence
Dissolve divides
Because these
Emotions don't
Really know
What hatred is!

Nobody is
Born with
No one
Wishes to be
We are
Born to
Spread and accept
Hatred which
We all
Would LOVE
To hate!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Out of love 15!

There is a LITTLE difference between fighting FOR yourself and WITH yourself.
You never learn to dream maybe because there is no guide book to help you and therefore experimentation, fascination imagination always brace your dreams.
99.9% of the questions are unanswered. 0.1% of questions which seem to be answered are shot in your head like a bullet by some crappy system to kill the wanderer and finder in you.
Those unacknowledged conversations between you and yourself.
You may be a phenomenal orator or a commendable writer or maybe both, but your eyes will always express more than what you ever can.
There is a colour for every emotion and situation!
Acceptance is an art which no one ever mastered.
That essence of sleeplessness while you are asleep.
I love the way how we love to hate the term HATRED
That layer of tear in your eyes which leads to a grin on your face when you see a tinch of naughtiness and innocence dripping from a beings eyes.

I walk!

I walk
On the roads
In the woods
In my dreamland 
In my imagination 
The footsteps 
Of my passion 
Allowing my 
Soul and heart 
To guide 
And lead 

I don't 
Have a lot of
In my mind 
I believe 
My feet
My heart 
My soul
They've been 
Nice and kind 
To me 
Have helped me 
Smile and shine

I walk
And travel 
To enjoy 
This journey 
From my dreams 
To this reality 
Wanting to 
Reach a destination 
Unknown yet 
Very familiar.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

RIP Harshi di!

As tears trickle down my eyes and i try to believe that I wont be able to see you again this creepy greyish red slimy fist size thing in the left of my body simply refuses to accept that you are no more.
It is always cool to have some really cool seniors around you but then there is something way beyond that coolness thing to have you. I know your struggle for every breath must have been very painful, each drop of chemotherapy would have made you scream for death but then the world knows you are a fighter and trust me you fought very gracefully. I dont know whether I should be happy for you or be devasted for this loss. It's a tough choice, you see.
From being a senior to my MAAJI who would text me 10 times a days only to ensure that I had my meals in time then being my doctor on call who would go mad for my crazy back aches and most importantly for being a friend who would always be there. I am quite sure that the ECG machine which showed that wretched straight line at 03:59 am would have felt ashamed of itself.
But then I know you are in a better place with hopefully some lesser pain. I know you are shining bright as always. I know you love me. And, I know you are there for me like always. Though I will take sometime or maybe eternity to believe that I won't be able to see and hug you again. But then as you put it acceptance is an art which no one ever mastered and I think I am no exception.
Rest in peace you!
I love you, maaji.
(12.October.1991 - 21.July.2015)

Monday, 20 July 2015


हर सफ़र की मंजिल नहीं होती
हर किस्सा ख़तम नहीं होता
हर आदमी राक्षस
हर औरत दुर्गा नहीं होती
हर किसी की अपनी
अलग और अनोखी
कहानी होती है
बस फरक इतना है
कुछ लोगों की कही
और कुछ की
अनकही कहानी
होती है

I am!

I am
What I am
With my set of
Unique and original 
Flaws and imperfections 
With a unique combination of
Colours and emotions.

I am 
What you are
I can't be
What you want 
Me to be
You know why?
I am what I am!

I am NOT 
Sorry for being 
What I am 
After all 
I am
What I am 
You see! 

Cheers! :)

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Out of love 14!

It takes a lot of effort to be a professional but it takes courage to be a dreamer!
Time can ALMOST heal everything but my wounds are usually beyond that ALMOST. Umm ... maybe a little bit of love could heal them though.
Allow the flow to flow
Basically it's not the fear of death it's the greed to breathe.
Atleast love yourself to an extent where you can give and enjoy the liberty of benefit of doubt.
Basically it's not the fear of death it's the greed to breathe.
That drop of love which fills the cracks within.....
I dont believe in magic, I just have faith in it!
That abnormally wide gap between HAVE TO and WISH TO is one of those distances which we'll never acknowledge.
The flow shall be considered stagnant now on because I have fooled my self enough to now believe that there is no flow.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Being Phoenix!

I rise and shine
I fall and weep
I stumble and fumble
I stand up
Injured or not
Broken or not
I stand
Very firm
I know
I have to
And more importantly
Wish to
My Dreams are
Waiting to be fulfilled
I wish to
And hope
To spend time with
My imagination
And passion
So, that I can 
Live, love and smile


Tension travelled
In my head
To and fro
Left and right
Then it moved
It moved downwards
Near my chest
Caging and capturing
It hard
Really hard.

I don't
Like this
It's suffocating
And irritating.

I wanna
Throw this
Evil out
Of my
So that
I can
Like I did

This creepy
And crappy
Has taken
Control over
My mind
Like a demon
And my
Innocent mind
Has fallen
In this
Wicked's trap

This evil
Is ruining
My colourful imagination
My passion
Like a beast
Who's enjoying this feast.

Friday, 17 July 2015


My hands are aching
So is my back
So are my feet
It seems as if
They are screaming
And begging
For some rest
And maybe for
Some relaxation too

My mind
Refuses to accept
That my body
Can ever feel
It thinks
Now firmly believes
That it's
A machine
Which can
Work without
Rest and break.

My body hurts
So does my mind
Then my mind
Won't accept
Like body
Is now
Yes! It is
It needs
A break
Some oiling
Sometime off
From this
Wicked routine.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

A wheel!

It scratches
Its body
With a
Push of button
Injuring itself
Burning itself
Every second
To satisfy YOU
To help YOU
Reach your destination.

You don't
Acknowledge its
Hard work
It works
All its
Life for you
All you do
Is kick
When it's
Ill and punctured
Don't you hear it
Screaming and screeching
For help
And affection?

All you
Do is
Throw it
In the bin
Discard it
That moment
Without even
Thinking for
A single second.

Is this
The way
You treat
Your loyalist
The one
Who was
There with you
It was a
Wicked road
A hilly delight
It was
There with you
All it's life.


कुछ अलफ़ाज़, बस यूँ ही - 04!

जिन्हें मेरी खामोशी नहीं समझ में नहीं आती, उन्हें मेरे अलफाज़ों की कीमत कहाँ पता होगी ।रिश्तों मैं एहसान नहीं एहसास होता है
दुनिया बदलती नहीं है बस पलट जाती है....कभी अच्छे के लिए कभी बुरे के लिए..
हर लम्हा हो जादू भरा........आँखों में रंग हो.....सपनों में जीने के नए ढंग हो..
आखिर कब तक अपने अतीत की आग से अपने आज को राख करोगी???
चैन की सांस के इंतज़ार में.............साँसों ने ही अलविदा कह दिया...
प्रतिशोध की आग में भस्म होने से कहीं बैहतर है जुनून की आग में तपना ।
रात बेचैन होने के लिए नहीं..........इबादत करने के लिए बनी है।
अपने अंदर की कला को मारने से पहले खुद मर जाना.......क्योंकि कला को तो मार नहीं पाओगे।अपने अंदर की कला को मारने से पहले खुद मर जाना.......क्योंकि कला को तो मार नहीं पाओगे।
अब शायद मंजिल ही ढूड़ लेगी हमें .............
इंसानियत ही इकलौता धर्म है जिसका ठेकेदार हर इंसान है।

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A weird congestion!

There is this
Really weird thing
Happening in the
Centre of my
It feels as if
Something is
Waiting to be
Thrown away
Pushed out.

Travels down
My spine
Blocking and jamming
All my organs
And veins.
The door
The window
To let
My pain
And regret
Making way
For good vibes
And positive flair.

An unordinary day!

You are born to live
So that you can give

Sing a song
Because this journey is really long

Have some fun
While you run

Dream all day
So that you can draw your way

Talk while you take a walk
Without looking at the clock

Monday, 13 July 2015

Out of love 13!

Will I live long enough to overcome all my fears and evils???
That wretched unlocked cage in which my soul seems to be trapped...
I refuse to sleep till the time I achieve something substantive and concrete. My eyes are as it is use to screaming and screeching for a lot of reasons let sleep be plus one to those. If this is the condition to construct a good CV. Then so be it!
That feeling that there is something unnatural going on within and around you is so damn NATURAL
In this quest to become or probably behave I assassinating the real ME?
Between the Black birth and White death lies a Grey life.
Set my heart on fire, if you find light that way.
Dont worry! Dear mind, we arent using full stops anytime soon. Semi colons all the way!
I may or may not trust myself but I surely blindly trust my dreams...
Let love penetrate

Sunday, 12 July 2015

An adamant being!

I am
A being
Adamant on seeing
The world
The universe
In the way
They exist
Without any
Filter and apprehension.

I wish to
Like a
Who doesn't
Stop to
Whose job
Is to
Travel miles
Spreading smiles
Without knowing
It's destination
Just feeling
Seeing things
With passion
And compassion

I want to
Do things
That help me
Experience my wings
While feeding
My passion for
Different things.

Saturday, 11 July 2015


Every emotion
That you 
And I 
Feel and experience 
Is natural
That feeling 
Of not 
Every emotion
That flows 
Within you
Is also 

Every damn 
That flows
Within and around 
Whether it is 
Love or hatred 
Like or dislike
Or something else
Is natural.

What is unnatural 
Is the fact 
That you think 
You know 
What you are 
Despite of knowing 
That you can't 
Know all of you.

You and I 
Are individual beings 
Who change 
With time 
At times with 
A sip of wine.

We don't know
Who we are 
What we are 
Where we are
Why we are
All we know
Is that 
WE are 
Existing naturally 
But behaving 
Very unnaturally

And that 
Unnatural behaviour 
In which
You basically
Try to wear
A mask 
Of someone 
Who you 
Want or wish
To imitate 
Is also

Friday, 10 July 2015

Humans without humanity!

I meet these two little immensely cute girls namely Laxmi and Anjali quite often as they usually sell flowers outside my college. Trust me they are one of the happiest and brightest souls I've come across. But yesterday, something really very shocking happened. There was a woman who was standing near the petrol pump beside our college . One of these girl's namely Anjali approached her for selling flowers. She was basically trying to use her convincing skills in order to sell her flowers. This lady shamelessly pushed Anjali away as if she was a honey bee trying to sting her. Little Anjali fell on her back and without uttering a word picked up her flowers and went away. I was standing near by so I rushed to help the little one. When I asked the woman what exactly was the need to push Anjali she replied "Tumko isse kya matlab" well this made me really furious and we both had a heated argument with each other. She wasn't sorry for pushing a little kid moreover she didn't even give a damn about Anjali's injured back.
On the other hand Anjali surprised me too. She didn't utter a word nor did she cry. She just went away.
I understand that this lady didn't want to buy flowers from her. Which is okay. That's absolutely an individual's choice. But then there are better ways to say NO.
Is this not violation of the very concept of humanity? As it is it is really unfortunate that her childhood has been slaughtered and she unfortunately has to sell flowers to earn or contribute for her living.
When I and most of you who are reading this were in the same age we used to play and go to school. We had enough food to eat. Infact we were given options to choose what we wanted to eat. These girls are under nourished they can hardly manage a single meal in 24 hours,  they cross busy roads all by themselves, hoping that they might earn something.
I wonder what are these child rights organizations doing.
And let me remind you Lodhi road is one of the really posh areas in Delhi and this incident happened there. 3 policemen were also standing but didn't move an inch to help the poor child. Maybe because it's not their job. So called humans who were present there were probably too busy to help either.
I'm sorry but it's not possible for me to LET GO something like this.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Unacknowledged emotions!

Bundle of duties
Handful of rights
A pinch of smiles
A dollop of cries
Sweat dripping
Down my forehead
To my neck
Making me feel
Pseudo satisfied

Bleeding and sweating
To manage a living
Screaming and dreaming
While existing
Doing all
Of this
Sub consciously
Very unknowingly
Yet knowing it
And feeling it
Very deeply
To accept
Unacknowledged emotions.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Unwanted tenant!

That fear
Of being 
What to
What not to
That tussle 
To choose
Ranks and cash
Dreams and passion
That never ending
Quarrel between 
My soul 
To decide
What is 
To be 

This fear
That resides 
In me 
Without my 
Like a 
Goon who
Has captured 
A land 

I want to 
Get rid of 
As soon as possible
But this 
Shameless creep 
Bluntly refuses
To leave
My mind


Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Out of love 12!

There are Times when you are tired and done with interning studying and almost everything. All you want to do is hug someone really tight and just be.
Before I could realise that my dream could become my had already become the reason behind my heart beat
Art makes you a compassionate being before a succesful unit.
Music is meditation.
The calmness you feel after practising or being around music is one of the rare and priceless moments you have in life!
That journey from foot to footsteps....
Everything that happens is magical first and logical next!
Dreams don't manifest with time......all they need to manifest is passion and madness!
It's the moon which shines, sun just emits light...
The term TARGET itself is enough to induce the right amount of ignition to achieve the target!

कुछ रह गया!

ज़िन्दगी में
काफी कुछ गवाया
थोडा बहुत कमाया
कई मौके त्याग कर
चंद लोगों को अपनाया
कुछ रुपये खर्च करके
ज़रा सी यादें खरीद लीं |

कलम घिस कर
फ़िज़ूल के पाठ रट कर
एक - आधी डिग्री भी
हासिल कर ली
लाखों की नौकरी भी
किसी ने शायद
बक्शीश समझ
के देदी |

वैसे तो
सब कुछ है
खाने को १०० पकवान
हाँ! बस
ज़िन्दगी को
जीने का जूनून
सपनो को देखने
का वो अनमोल
शायद कहीं
दब के मर गया |

Monday, 6 July 2015


May not
It exists.

You haven't
A chance
To feel
And experience
That bliss
Or maybe
You don't
Believe it.

The fact
Is that
It exists
Believe it
Or not
Like it
Or not.

You may
Consider it
As an
Maybe a delusion
Maybe believing
That it's a
Trick to fool

I'm referring
In which
We all
Refuse to

Haven't you
Seen the
Moon smile
Stars shine?
Haven't you
Seen the
Clouds mould
Into shapes
And figures?
Is this
Not magical?

Have you
Ever noticed
How magical
Your soul
And imagination
Have you
Never experienced
The turmoil
And calmness
Within yourself
Don't you
Consider this
State magical?

You wish
And hope
For miracles
Without knowing
That miracles
Are magical
Every damn
Thing that
Is magical.

Your soul
Your mind
Your body
Are all
Surrounded by

The unknown
Yet peaceful
And calm
It is
A form

Sunday, 5 July 2015

It's okay!

I have never claimed to be a good artist because i know i am not one. I pursue art to make myself comfortable in this world which in my opinion is not a very nice place. I proudly confess that i have taken a lot of help from colours and musical notes just to ensure that i dont let the human inside me die. I have seen and felt the human in me die just because of some stupid competitions, marks , increasing suicide rates and some other reasons which my brain refuses to recall.
I believed or rather want to believe that I am a unit and not a being but unfortunately that slimy greyish red fist size thing inside my body refuses to accept this. Yes! you are allowed to blame me for that. Afterall, it's my fault, you see. I should have known that I should do things which make you happy because I am a mere unit or maybe a machine who is supposed to satisfy it's operator or owner. You must have felt happy after destroying what I made with love and passion. And i am glad that atleast this destruction has given you happiness. far as i am concerned I will again try fooling myself by saying that it doesnt matter or its okay. Dont worry I will figure out ways to deviate my head.
You stay happy!
With love and hugs!

Friday, 3 July 2015

Bless you coward!

You may
Have snatched
My glow
From my
Ever charming
Felt proud
Of yourself
That you
Have won
A battle
A world war
Something else
Which I
May not know

Let me
Tell you
That you
But a
Mere loser
A coward
A jealous being
A heartless soul.
You have
Not destroyed me
How can you?
You aren't
Capable enough
To do that!

You have
Done what
You could
Allow me
To do
Some good
To you.
Don't worry
You sick man
I am
Not a
Like you
I wont do
That will
Harm you
All I
Will do
Send you
Some good vibes
A couple of blessings
Some love too.

I think
You will
Get well soon
With this
That I
Have prescribed
Don't worry
You poor being
You will
Not have
To spend
Your filthy
On this treatment
I will
Do all
This for
So that
You get

[For the powerful women who refuse to give up, for the warriors who have decided to fight back and most importantly for everyone who stands AGAINST  ACID ATTACK]

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Best friend!

An online youth magazine asked me to describe my best friend in less than five words. My  words were "Sabse acche Lalit Mausaji". I received a reply which said "Ma'am, we think you've sent us the wrong statement". I reverted saying "I've sent you the right email." After 45 mins I recieved a call from the editor asking me if I could elaborate on what I basically meant by these 4 words. I agreed to his request and wrote a short article on my best friend.
  My best friend has known me since the day I was born or maybe even before that. I didn't know what "best friend" exactly meant but I knew I already had a best friend. Then came the phase where best friends were considered a style statement which basically meant that number of best friends you had would be directly proportional to your coolness quotient. I was pretty shy and timid then unlike today as a result I only had one best friend. After that an era where you would write your first invitation card for your best friend and probably attach an extra chocolate to it. Well, I never did that because my best friend stayed in the financial capital and I resided in the country's capital. And then we finally reached an era where you had a million selfies with your best friend and would probably post one on Facebook everyday with "BFF quotes" get 100 likes and be happy about your well edited picture getting famous.
Trust me I haven't done anything of that sort with my best friend maybe because I don't have best friendS I just have one best friend. I don't have to impress a bunch of photogenic best friends by posting quotes and captions.
My best friend has seen me cry and smile. He has wiped my tears and made me smile. At times he was the reason behind my smile. He has seen my highs and lows but he still stands with me firm and solid like a rock. His love is not proportional to how well I score academically or how many certificates I have in my file. Unlike the so called bffs these days who are more concerned about your CV more than you.
He has guided me, he has partied with me, he has played with me, he has helped me be a compassionate being before a successful being and the list is inexhaustible.
Have your 100 best friends done that???
My best friend has given me advices without curbing my freedom to make the ultimate decision. He's not like the usual best friends who leave you if you don't do as they command. He's never been a commander, he's been a guide and a mentor along with being the best best friend possible.
I have never tied a friendship band on his wrist because I feel that I can't celebrate this bond in a single day with an archies band. I have lived and loved this friendship every moment of my life and I refuse to celebrate it in a day. I 've celebrated my life because of him. A days celebration lacks the ability to express love and gratitude towards this bond.
I don't call him up every night to say I love you or I am there or some other regular dialogue which I may not know. He doesn't do that either. We both know we love each other and we are best friends till eternity. I don't fear to lose him and maybe that is why I abstain from such comical portrayal of pseudo love. We don't need a legal document to validate our bond, you see.
My best friend has been one of the very few constants in my 19 year old existence.
And I treasure him for being there.
Needless to say he has been my inspiration and motivation to make the world a better place. A place where love prevails, smile resides and dreams rule.
I could go on and on and probably write volumes about this bond but as of now the world lacks the ability to appreciate such selfless bonds so I think I'll stop with this evergreen quote "Sabse acche Lalit Mausaji".

Hugs to the universe.
Love to each and every soul .
Luck & light to fellow humans and animals.
Stay blessed!
Cheers! :)

Magical Person!

After almost a month I met my favorite person in the most sweaty condition possible. I had a terrible back ache and a very weird kind of thing going in my head.
Then I met her hugged her twice had a cup of coffee and trust me I feel happy and calm now! :)
Her magical aura just tends to cure every damn pain and unrest!
This person. Much gratitude! :)
Thank you favorite person, for being there <3

Never give up!

My wise soul
To my
Not so wise head

I have
Seen your
Failure and success
Sadness and happiness
Restlesness and calmness
I have
Never ever
Seen you
Give up.

Let me
Tell you
That I
Never wish
To see
You that
I enjoy
I know
You will
Overcome them.
They will
Make you
Stronger and wiser.

Now dont
Let me down
Pull up your socks
Tie your shoelaces
Get back to the
Slow and steady
Fast and furious
But run.
Doesnt matter
Whether you
Win or lose
Just reach
The finish line
Dont leave things
Incomplete and unexplored.

Go Run

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Out of love 11!

My heart doesn't pump blood, it pumps a tinch of madness, a dollop of joy and a couple of dreams.
As i stare the sky tonight with my shut eyes....I can feel the moon's smile and the stars shine with delight..
I dont want to run away from the harsh realities.......I just want reality to be as colourful as my imagination.....
Hugs are a therapy themselves.....
Plan according to your dream but don't plan your dreams!
The colour which holds you firm, but gives you the freedom to dream and imagine!
The sky is high........don't worry your liquor is safe :p
Those who call their black and white life colourless usually forget that black and white are the two most important colours!
Revolve. Evolve. Dissolve.
Life in 3 words!
I love dark circles because it's because of them that I get some more time to dream with open eyes!

Acid can't destroy me!

You wanted
To destroy
My beauty
By throwing
That acid
That would
My face
My skin
My confidence
And my beauty.

You loser
You coward
You jealous being
Didn't you know
That I am
More than
What you see??
I am not
A victim
I am a
Of course
Thouand times
More loveable
Than your

I will rise
I will shine
I will dance
With joy
And happiness
I know
I am

I will
Send you
Good vibes
So that
You may
Gain some
So that
You learn
To love
And construct
Instead of

I am still
Unlike you
Wretched moron.

[Dedicated to all the survivors of evil Acid Attacks]