Thursday, 23 March 2017

Out of love - 77!

You know what?
People leave, ignore and hurt.
You know what?
We're all people.
When you can't call it quits with grace,
Don't begin it in the first place.
I regret you,
But never have I regretted loving you.
Not that you would,
But, I sincerely wish
You could!
If loving it makes you unlove yourself, just know that it's not worth it. It never was, it never will be.
It takes time,
Time doesn't stop.
Don't worry,
Your life won't be a flop.
The questions of the mind seek answers,
While the questions of the heart of soul seek peace and solace.
Every Time I beg you to stay, I fail as a keeper first and a confidant next.
It was emitting all the kind of gold which could fill all the cracks in my soul.
That crack in my soul that you and i refuse to acknowledge is exactly the place where my stream of art flows from!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Dear pieces!

Today we pray for
Parts and pieces
Some broken
Some not so broken
The rest unknown.

The pieces who's edges
Have refused to hurt
For they've been too broken
To sense our dirt.

To the pieces
We fail to acknowledge
For they're the one's
That've made peace
With all the garbage,
Whether it be
Within or around
They've just accepted
It all around.

Now, to the pieces
Who have chosen
To feel the pain along
Yes, the ones
Who have felt the
Unwept tears
And the misery of
Sleepless nights
And almost numb days.

To all you pieces
Who've stayed and sailed along,
Just know
I pray for you,
For that's all I can do.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Out of love - 76!

The best part of magic,
It's neither right nor wrong.
It just is.
The best thing about us is, you don't give a damn and i give a damn about every damn thing related to you!
Some pray, while the rest wish that they're the ones some are praying for.
We live in the age of Snapchat, we love to capture moments but fail to keep the people who transform moments into beautiful memories.
You have often had the courage to take the air out of my lungs, but very unfortunately you haven't been able to kill me.
I win, even if it means otherwise to you.
One man's pastime is another man's business.
Attachment with objects can be injurious to health.
However, attachment to human beings is fatal.
Some un-heal-able wounds should never become scars, so that they remind you of your inability to heal at times.
The magic is not in us, it's in the characters we believe/imagine that reside in us.
So you think destroying the memoirs of our memories will erase the moments that made it to our lists of memories? Ha.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

The love that darkness emits!

My affair with darkness
Is no news,
We've realised we hate each other
Just like they hate
The fresh shit of a bird on their head.

You know what's beautiful?
We give each other company
Everyday without fail
Till darkness fades
And my eyelids give up.

We've been constants
Just like sun and light
Unacknowledged, unwanted
Yet there without
Any reason or logic.

Something which
Seems like love
But will never be
Treated as love

For you know
We don't like each other
The dark wants me to sleep
I want the dark to be light

Yet, we want and crave
Each other every night.
Every night when
A new cyclone within
Is destroying me
It's this black dark sky
Holding me.

There is something
About the nights
Maybe faith
Or just some magic
Which makes me feel
Dreamy, easy and comfortable
In times tragic.

Every day I wish
Only if nights
Could be longer
And my mornings
Could be a little stronger.

But, damn.
They're just wishes
Unreal, stupid and mine
Who's going to fulfil them
When I have given up
So many times.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Yet, we manage!

You know what the best thing is?
It is the fact that we manage,
Manage to live,
Live without love
Without constants
Without lifelines.

We manage,
To live,
To survive
Or maybe it's just
The respiratory system
That's functional
And an organ that
Pumps blood without fail.

Whatever it maybe,
We manage.
Just manage
Like pros in the field.

However weak we may feel
However fragile our souls be
We just manage.
Manage enough
To fool ourselves
That this too shall pass
That we aren't the kind of beings
Who give up
In and on life
Because of people.

Somewhere within
There is a tsunami in the making
A cyclone already whirling
A child who is crying
Yet, we manage.

This business of acting
To manage life like a cakewalk
Is so weakening
That I have almost forgotten
What weakness would feel like
And maybe, that forgetfulness
Has made me feel
Or rather forced me to believe
That I'll just manage.

Manage life, yet again.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Drama-less trauma, please?

Yes, it's going to be traumatic
Soul numbing traumatic, I hope not
But, whatever it is
Now that we know that it's traumatic
Let's avoid the dramatic bit.

Let's value the us we have nurtured
The hidden me in you
And the shy you in me
Are our take aways from this
Hopefully for the better
And eventually for the best.

Friends, lovers, lifelines
Been there done that
But, as constants
We tried being there
Couldn't do that.