Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Stars & dreams!

A broken star
Doesn't reduce the
Skys glory.
A shattered dream
Can't change your
Life's story.

There was a sky
And therefore
Stars existed.
There was a life
And hence there
Were some dreams

The stars
Complement the sky
The way dreams
Enhance life's joy.

Stars are an important
Part of the sky
The way dreams
Are an essential
Part of life.

Stars and dreams
Are important
For sky and life
But are they
The only things
Which we like?

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Just be!

I can't be
What you want me to be
I don't want to be

You be what you
Wish to be
I am what
I wanted to be.

I am not you
You are not me
Then why don't you
Just let it be?

You cannot dream
What I have dreamt
You cannot suffer
What I have suffered.

Then how can you be me?
And vice versa
I am me
You are you

Neither can
You be me
Nor can
I be you.

Thank You Music!

To the spirit of music which takes you to happy flashback while giving your tears the freedom to sneak out as you miss those times and maybe some people associated with it.
To the charm that music posses which can help you heal your broken soul, heart, dreams.
To the serenity music never fails to bring along which always eases the turmoil within you, consoles you without making it obvious.
To the magical stabeliser music is which helps you stand strong and firm while ensuring that you dont lose the compassion in you.

To a BLESSING that music is to the universe is something which makes me feel THANKFUL everyday.

In the spirit of keeping the SPIRIT OF MUSIC ALIVE, now and always!

Monday, 28 September 2015

Out of love- 25!

You don't really realise the importance of things until and unless you've lost or ruined them. 
It's the already uplifted people who crave to be uplifted further! 
At times I can't decide whether I'm a bird with broken wings or a bird trapped in a cage.
Your pain hasn't done justice with you if it's not the only thing in your head.
The people you think will kill your pain are sometimes the ones behind it. 
At times I wish I was ONLY what the eyes could see
Attacking art is easy, but destroying its spirit is almost impossible! 
Academics is a road to escapism.
Happiest are those who posses nothing yet are ready to lose everything 
I trust my day dreams much more than the surrounding human beings.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Pause to move!

It's ONLY my mind
Which sleeps
When they think
I'm fast asleep.

Logic and science
In me need rest
Passion and magic
Are always at their best.

I dream with shut eyes
Because I know
Eyes only see what exists
And not what is in the making

Shut eyes
Zipped mouth
No noise in the ears
Helps my soul live without fear.

I lie down tonight
Only to stand
Higher and stronger tomorrow
Than what I was today.

Tonight, I strive
To be better
Than what
I was during the day

I sleep to wake up afresh
So that I can go
Nearer to my dreams
Which I know are a reality in the making.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Magical bond!

There was a bond
A bond, beyond borders
And worldly notions
A bond which gave
And almost everything
That you and I
Would ever want.

It was selflessly beautiful
The bond and the people
Freely bound in that
Magical bond
Didn't owe anything
Neither to each other
Nor to the bond.

It had no identity
There was no name
Nobody to claim
It was
It just was
No reason
No logic
Could give a reason
For its existence
Because it just was.

Thursday, 24 September 2015


What is gone
Is gone
What you have
Will also go
Whatever is
Will be gone
One day
Or the other
Whether it is
A human
An Emotion
A thing
Yes! It will go
Even if you
Don't want it
To leave you.

This doesn't mean
That you stop
Loving and living
The moment
Most importantly
Don't forget to
Breathe before its gone
For that is what
You have, primarily
Everything else
Is secondary
Yet valued
More than the primary.

Live now
For now
Shall also
Be gone
One day.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015


I could see
What the world couldn't.
Not because I loved her
But, because I simply knew
Knew her eyes
Knew a bit
Of her mind
Maybe a little bit
Of her heart too
For me she was
No, she still is
Magic in the
Purest and truest form
She didn't believe me
Yet, She told me
She loved me
I think and feel
She still does
I maybe wrong
Or luckily right
But, she's truly been my light

Monday, 21 September 2015

Out of love 24!

The pain begins when the injury heals and the scars remain.
No! There's nothing known as black magic. Black is magical itself. Beautiful and magnificent. 
I went beyond the black and the white only to realise that none of them had the courage to rule. It was the grey which resided on the throne.
The super power lies and dies within you.
There's nothing more horrifying than seeing your lifeline cry.
It's strange how wars don't affect and scare people as much as a blogger or a painter etc can!
And then my soul got crushed under my black shoe's sole.
There is rebellion ONLY because of suppression.
Technically, magic should win over logic.
Revolution is inevitable but it'll always happen at it's own pace. No point in TRYING to forcibly bring about a change because it's not going to happen that way in any case.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

कुछ अलफ़ाज़, बस यूँ ही - 05!

जुनून से बड़ा कोई पागलपन नहीं।
जिंदगी को जीता नहीं जिया जाता है।
इस रात के अँधेरे ने इतना कुछ सिखाया है की इससे डरना अब असंभव सा लगता है...
बंधन तो सिर्फ दिमाग में है।
मेहनत का तो पता नहीं लेकिन हिम्मत ज़रूर रंग लाएगी..
अपनी कैद से हो रिहा.....
कला नादानी का वो पहलु है जिसने मासूमियत की बुनियाद को बनाया और मज़बूत किया है |
लक्ष्य को पाने की तडप नहीं जुनून होना चाहिए।
मृत्यु का डर है, ज़िन्दगी से बड़ी कोई सज़ा नहीं है। खुश तो इंसान कहीं नही है।
घर वो होता है जो पत्थरों से नहीं यादों से बना हो।

Saturday, 19 September 2015

A balloon!

Life is like
A balloon
Put in some happiness
De- stress yourself
You shall feel light
And will fly
Higher than the highest.

Prick it
By the tiniest pin
And it shall
Get destroyed
The way a tear
Can ruin all your joy.

Different colours
Different people
Happiness and flight
Is all that is real

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Dream world!

Once upon a dream in a land far far away there was a world where colours ruled, love prevailed and passion dominated. Smiles were brighter than the Venus and tears were an unknown phenomenon here. Nobody knew what pain was because they had never experienced it. Happiness was like oxygen,  necessary and available in abundance. Magic and glitter were  components which made this world beautiful. Logic didn't work here, love did. Bullets of love were shot from the gun of care, to heal the broken souls.  Beings here cared first and loved next. They knew that it was affection which could heal every scar and injury without any medical therapy. Affection and hugs were the doctors here who treated almost everything that would hurt the beings here.
There was no clock in this world, no appointments, no deadlines to meet. Everything was easy, calm and relaxed. Flowers of chocolate were found. Clouds of strawberry cream blessed the sky. There was sweetness all around. Success was defined in a different way. Rejection did not exist here. Every thing and being were accepted the way they were, without any amendments and modifications. You could feel the freedom to be here. There was no good and bad, beautiful and ugly, right and wrong here.

Alas! The alarm rang and I was back here in the Milky Way galaxy where logic brutally defeated magic.


I refuse to accept
Sorrow and plight
Because I know
I am blessed with
Joy and light.

I am happy
Because I am
I dont need
A reason to be.

I am greatful
Because i can
Feel the happiness
And have people
To share my joy

I have tears in my eyes
I have beloveds
To wipe
And that brings delight

I grin and smile
With gratitude
For I have
Such a cool

Saturday, 12 September 2015

A box!

Put some memories
And some priced possessions
And your cash
Of course.

Lock it
And dump it
In some corner
Of your room
Assuming and believing
That it'll keep
All that secure.

It'll keep things
Safe for you
Without desiring and demanding
Anything in return
You ignore it 

There are layers
Of dust on it.
The layers
Which pressurise and suffocate it
But you still
Shamelessly don't pay heed to it.

Are you scared
To reopen it
Because it has
Things which are precious to you
And you fear that you'll lose
What is locked in it
Hence you've adopted
The theory of
"Ignorance is bliss"

It's strange how
This supposedly
Insignificant thing
Does so much to and for us.

A box.

Friday, 11 September 2015


I went beyond
The black and the white
Only to realise
That none could
Bring delight.

It was the grey
Which shined.
A pinch of black
A drop of white
Had made grey
Which could help
It bring in some light
And lots of delight.

The moon smiled
The sun winked
As the grey clouds blinked.

It's blur
But not dark
Its bright
But doesn't hurt my eye
It's serene
Neither dull
Nor bright
Just sufficient to
Bring in some light

कला और नादानी!

कला नादानी का वो पहलु है जिसने मासूमियत की बुनियाद को बनाया और मज़बूत किया है | सात सुरों का ज्ञाता चंद मात्राओं के बारे में जानने वाला संगीतकार नहीं बन सकता | जब तक अपने अन्दर के भूचाल को नदी के शीतल जल की तरह शांत नहीं कर सकते संगीत से तब तक किसी भी राग या ताल का ज्ञात होना कला अक्षर भैंस बराबर होने जैसा है| संगीत का आविष्कार नहीं हुआ | संगीत उत्पन हुआ है उन तमाम भावनाओं से जिनको रोज़ मररा की ज़िन्दगी में अभिव्यक्त नहीं किया जा सकता है, किन्तु उनको बयां किये बिना रहा भी नहीं जा सकता | एक ऐसी आराधना है संगीत जिसका आराध्य हृदय है, एक ऐसी तपस्या है जिसको करने से चैन मिलता है बंदिशों से आज़ादी की प्राप्ति होती है, और अपने होने का एक एहसास होता है |

शास्त्रीय संगीत का अध्यन उसका सबसे बड़ा अपमान होगा क्यूंकि ये एक ऐसी तपस्या है जिसका न कोई प्रारंभ है न अंत |

Out of love 23!

Every strand of attachment is either a reason behind my smile or a reason behind my tears.
Death will only bless you ONCE.
Facing the truth is less painful than a flashback of memories!
Acceptance will always be much more important than love!
Life maybe a blessing but existence is truly a pain!
It is the dark which makes you realise that hunting for light is not really worth it. Darkness always give you the freedom to just be unlike the light which always demands a modified form of you.
It's pain which has helped the world redefine beauty in infinite forms.
It's the smile who actually taught the world how to handle pain.
I don't fear to lose you. All I fear is that I'll miss you once you are gone and that scares me more than a lot!
At times all you need is a friend to remind you that she loves you despite your million flaws and has the faith that you will do what you have to do.


Monday, 7 September 2015

This bubble!

This bubble
In which
I wish
To live
Is made up of
Colours, music
Dreams, happiness
Smiles and passion.

A place where
The fear to lose
Is lost
The greed to win
And succeed
Is ignored
Happiness is success
Contentment is achievement
Love is the ultimate aim.

Art is not loved here
It's lived
I breathe it
I seize it
I believe it
For it's all
I have
It's mine
It's in me
Flowing in my veins
Like my blood.

Tears don't visit
My bubble often
They are the
There is no sorrow
Only love to borrow

Ah! This bubble
I wish
I could stay
Here for real
Alas! This was reel
And not real.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Burdens within!

There are times when I can feel the salt grains in my eyes, somewhere between my iris and eyelid. It is burning my eyes and more than that my soul. The amount of water required for its expulsion has dried up, maybe because there aren't any emotions left.
It seems as if they are huge boulders kept on my chest pressurising my lungs to an extent that they can't even expand and contract the way they used too.
Ah! That fist size organ is just ensuring that some liquid flows so that the captivated breath doesn't take a break.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

I can't feel my spine!

There are times
When I can't
Feel my spine.

I feel lifeless
Yet calm
There is nothing
That holds me
Straight and high
Because I cant
Feel my spine.

I lay here
Gazing at the
Sky in an
Ameoba like shape
Twisted and messed
Feeling truly blessed
I am neither
Sitting nor standing
All I know is that
My head is
Towards the sky
Ah! This feeling
Is divine because
There are days
I can't feel my spine

Accepting self!

Being happy with
What you have
Without the fear
Of losing it
Allowing yourself
To just be
Without unnecessary
Amendments and modifications
Giving freedom to
Tears to flow
Allowing smile
To be as wide as possible
Moving, wandering, roaming
Freely, just like that
Without fake make ups
Without fearing
What others
Would think
And want
Is known as
Which ultimately
Leads to loving self

Thursday, 3 September 2015

हाँ! मैं उदास होती हूँ!

धड़कने खामोश सी लगेंगी, ज़िन्दगी बहुत ज़ालिम महसूस होगी......अपने आप से नफरत और अपनों से अजीब सी छिड होने लगेगी| चिंता मत करिये  कभी- कभी दिमाग को शांत करने की नहीं समय देने की ज़रुरत होती है| गुस्सा आना, आंसूओं का बहना सब स्वाभाविक और ज्यास है, इंसान हैं आप आपको हक है इन सबका| टूटने का मन करेगा, बिखरने के लिए तड़प होगी, ऐसा लगेगा जैसे सब कुछ गलत हो रहा है| अपनी ज़िन्दगी  अभिशाप सी लगेगी|
तब बस इतना याद रखियेगा की दुनिया के किसी कोने मे कोई ऐसा ज़रूर है जो आपको जैसे आप हैं  वैसे ही आपको प्यार करता है, उसके लिए आप जैसे हैं  वैसे ही सबसे अच्छे हैं |
ऐसा सोचने के बाद अपने आप ही मुस्कान आ जाएगी और आप बेहतर महसूस करोगे|

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Acceptance over love!

What is it
That makes you
Feel suffocated within
Or is it
Something else?

Are you the one
Who is suffocating yourself?
Yes! You.
What if you
Didn't expect?
There would have
Been no heart break
Or regret .

What if you
Didn't aspire to be
What you are not
And just be
Happy and contented
With what you are
With all your
Flaws and drawbacks.

Don't force yourself
To love you
Just accept what
You are,
The way you are
And then
You shall automatically
Start loving yourself!