Saturday, 28 January 2017

Out of love - 74!

If it bleeds let it, the problem only arises when it clots. Stagnation has never been good, in any way or form.
"Once" is a very painful combination of letters and a very heavy bunch of unarticulated and void and tears.
You know, nothing can ever change between us.
I'll always be your crazy lover and you'll ignore me as usual.
Now that you are gone
Don't come back
Atleast, keep this forever
For forever.
Don't stand for people who don't value your feet.
We aren't short of time, we're just short of a little life.
I always knew
The ink with which
You wrote letters
Was either blood, or tears.
Forget all the heaven and hell, your eyes are my solace!!
Accept and embrace,
Smiles and scars
Equally and whole heartedly.
The then dreams are nightmares of, today. 

Friday, 27 January 2017

Rainbow not chess board!

When you treat life as
Black and white
It becomes like chess
Beating and defeating
Is the only way to win
And in the end, you remain all alone.

If you choose to embrace colours
Mingle and jingle with one another
Life seems to be like a rainbow
With love, colours and light
Shining bright
Bringing delight.

It's all about
Perceptions and perspectives
In and about
And the ways in which
You choose to lead
The magic and the spark
Of this thing called

Monday, 23 January 2017

Women and artists!

I call every girl
A warrior
I call every artist
A warrior
I do, because I know
It takes courage
To stand with and by
For what you are
For what you feel
For what you believe.

It takes perseverance
To fight the battles
Everyday and not let
The thought of giving up
Come your way.

It's not a once in a while affair
For us, women and artists
It's a routine,
A way of life.

Smashing patriarchy
Fighting misogyny
Loving the spirit of expression
Is not something that
Those on borders do
It's women and artists
Who choose to fight against them
Not to prove something or someone
Right or wrong.

It's just them who know
What it takes to stand
Strong and firm
No matter how many
People, cultures
Try to pull them down.

Yes, the struggle is real
The battle fought everyday
A hundred wounds ignored daily
Are evidences of us being warriors.

You may not call us warriors,
Maybe because you may not
Have the strength and courage
To embrace the battles we've
Fought and won.

It's okay,
We shall fight
Till our last breaths
And in spirits after death.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Run to run away!

All said and done
On the verge of finish line
I begin to run,
Run away from it
For ends have never been
A pleasant affair,
Accomplishments have never
Been what I dreamed to own.

In the race that was about
To end, I chose to un-finish it
Just before THE END.

I'm not an artist
I'm not what you see
I'm just a combination of
Dust and particles
That you've chosen to un-see.

The end, will not complete it
It will just finish it
Finish it before
I can even think about
How to cherish it
And so,
I choose to
Un-learn, Un-run
And most importantly
To un-finish.

What is finished is gone
Let's keep the unfinished
For a little long?
So that there is time to
Breathe, ease, smile and repeat.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Out of love - 73!

Yeah! I know one day I will die, but what good would glorifying death while breathing do, anyway.
Loving you is heartbreaking, but what will I do with my heart if I can't love you.
Yeah! I know one day I will die, but what good would glorifying death while breathing do, anyway.
The only thing which keeps me updated about your existence are the blue ticks!
I am living on your leftovers of love.
I have seen people die in and because of love, never seen someone die because of not being in love.
A stranger called
A new voice heard
Similar pain shared
And, an eternal moment lived.
My major confusion is, whether I am stranded or am I just overthinking, as usual.
I'm not a lover,
However, you may
Call me a keeper of love!
Sometimes darkness heals the places where light cannot reach.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Dear Lover!

I wanted to tell you
But, I didn't
Maybe because I couldn't
You'd wonder what's the difference
But, rest assured you'll never
Never ever know it.

You'll never know how much
I hate to see you fall in love,
You fall, I injure.
Yes, even when I know
You've fallen for me
I feel injured.

Because, I've hated the element
Of fall in your life
I want you to fly high
Rise and shine
And even if it means giving up on us
I still will wish the same.

I've wanted your smiles
More than the urge
For you to be mine
I value your efforts
But, I value your passion; first.

If need be ignore me,
My heart will bleed
But still go on until you succeed.

I will stitch my heart
I will gather my strength and survive
But, you my dear need not compromise.

Wherever you go
Whenever you go
Just know that you'll always
Be my go to.

May you smile and shine
And feel divine
For you are the light
That makes me feel my shine.

Thursday, 5 January 2017


There is something
Strange and special
About this thing called

I want it, you want it
But, we can't rear it
Can't nurture it
It needs to expire with childhood, you know.

Innocence is kiddish, they say
But, it's exactly what they crave for

That thing which hides in the eye
And makes it glow sometimes
Is innocence within you, within me
But, we have to hide it
Because, we are all adults
The ones who have to make money
Win corporate races.

Imagine, we lose sleep
Some shed some tears
Some just die within
But, nonetheless we will not accept
Because, c'mon we aren't innocent fools
Who would just be, what we are.

It's all about winning and coming first
And not about laughing and sharing
Yes, dear adulthood you won
And innocence gave up.

Or maybe innocence didn't give up
It just forgot to realise
That it had a race to win
Might be strolling somewhere within.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Out of love - 72!

We're not lovers,
Who believe in utopian for forevers
We're brothers,
Who define an always, together.
Only if you knew, how much I loved the we in us.
I can't write anymore
I can't paint anymore
It's all because
The pieces of my heart
Have forgotten to hurt anymore.
It's all numb, black and void
Dear 2017,
Please heal the places where light can't reach.
When life gives you lemons, just throw them in the bin. You aren't supposed to deal or take everything life gives you!
The years changed, but my 11:11 wish didn't.
The synchronization between blue ticks and my 11:11 wish, keeps my art and an almost stitched heart, alive.
Wounds and scars are just evidences of the chapters one writes in the book called life.
If it requires articulation it can be anything except love.
You don't owe it to anyone, it's love not an apology!

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Light will heal!

Your pieces that you embrace
Along with the sharp edges
That you acknowledge with grace
That makes me feel proud of you.

Yes, You the one reading it
And assuming this is not for you.
Rest assured, this is exactly for you
Yes, yes YOU.

Your stitches are your pride
For they are the places where
Light and the vibe enter
And heal what deserves to be.

I'm not sympathising
I never will
I am not standing with you
I can't, always.

I am just letting you know
That light will heal and deal
With places that are dark and void
Neither can I nor can you be healers.

But, we can and we should
Embrace the power of light
Which heals, tirelessly and selflessly

Maybe, in the end that's all we need.