Saturday, 8 July 2017

Out of love - 83!

The glamour of expression lies in its power to reach the places where light has hit hard and darkness has refused to heal.
Expression is revolutionary
There must have been something that must have taught you to breath in a coffin.
It's never a question that's answered, it's always an answer that leads to a question.
We're all slaves of science.
And one day when it's gone forever, instead of staying forever just let that phase not be disgraceful
And sometimes
And I repeat sometimes
You must slit open yourself
To just check that there's blood
And not venom,
Just not as yet, atleast
You aren't doing justice if you're just crossing the boundary. Don't cross it, tear it, break it, destroy it to the point it never dares to stop someone from doing and believing what they are capable of!
Things will eventually fall in place & after that they'll fall off. It's just winter summer spring & finally autumn.
Sky is not the limit, it's just an evidence that limits are inexistent!

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