Monday, 29 August 2016


Are you contented
With your life?
Are you somewhere
Close to what they
Call as peace
And happiness?

If you are,
Rest assured, you haven't
Explored, either yourself
Or the world
If you aren't,
Then chase it
Chase it, till the
End of the universe.

You're always in that age
Where you can
Welcome new scars,
For adventures
In and with life
Never really end,
And, probably they shouldn't

And with adventures
Come the evidences
Of the adventures
Some call them
For the rest
It's a memoir of
The adventure.

There's always time
To find beauty
Within and around
Before you retire
With grace and glory.

You are fire,
I'm fire
We're fire
And that fire
Keeps us going,
Going till the end
And beyond.

Sunday, 28 August 2016


There's something strange
About them,

It is so strange
That it feels
As if it is
Special, very special.

I pause for a while
To probably catch my breath
Or to grab a cup of coffee
All I look for, is a corner.

A corner,
Where I can
Sit in peace
And breathe with ease
Without any pressure
Of being judged.

These corners
Don't ask for
Petty explanations
They just let me be.

Friday, 26 August 2016

3 am!

They are wrong
When they say
3am is meant for
Artists, dreamers and writers
Yes! They are wrong,
3 am is meant for, memories
The kind of memories
That you wish were moments
That you could
Live and re - live now.

3am is for emotions
The emotions that you
Want to suppress throughout
The day, yet crave for them
All the time
It's, that time when you
Give up and nobody watches you
It's an hour of acceptance.

The type of acceptance
That injures every bit of the heart
And scratches every inch of the soul.

A state where there is no one to go to
And probably that is why
Some choose to bleed on paper
Some on canvas
Some expect the moon to absorb
The blood that drips in the form of tears

3am is an hour
Which nobody wishes
To see and live
Yet, wait for it everyday
To come
For the love
Of accepting the
Fragments of the soul.

It's for the kind of artists
Who derive art from
Within, without and around.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Go off to sleep!

You tell me
I'm good for nothing,
Maybe to you I am,
Or maybe I really am
I don't give a damn
Do you know why?
Because, I refuse
I refuse to choose
What you want me
To choose, do and believe.

I am crazy,
Not a "crazy diamond"
Waiting to be polished
I'm a crazy piece
A piece of sins and flaws
For this is what accepts me
Willingly, without demanding
Unjust justifications.

I'm not art
I'm not an artist, either
Yet, what flows in me
Is a miraculous combination of
Art, dreams and magic.

Those patterns
That have made their
Space in my mind
Have left a vacuum
For your corporate aspirations
Which you want me to meet.

Huh! You won't understand
So, just let it be
Neither, are you changing
Not, am I
Just shut up
And, go off to sleep.

Out of love -61!

In the end,
All of us our lost
Some, somewhere
The rest,
Somewhere in the middle
Of nowhere.
I hate this double faced-ness, hypocrisy and inability of senses. It wants me to believe in God, while it refuses to legitimise faith in magic.
You know waiting
Is quite painful
Tests my patience too
I don't really
Mind it
Until, it's for you.
Those memoirs which can't be disposed off are much more fatal than memories.
There are somethings
That I will never learn
To unlearn.
In the end, it's you who has to collect your pieces and do the rebuilding. Again.
When time tries to waste you, waste the time like a pro. Sometimes you really need to show things their place, you know.
Everything is okay to deal with, but when it comes to not worrying about you, dayum, that's exactly the place where I fail every damn time.
Every backspace has a story. A story, craving to be heard, wishing to be acknowledged and wanting to be accepted.
Time is neither a healer,
nor an ointment.
Time is mere time.
Things start getting stale
And eventually rot.
That's about it,

Monday, 22 August 2016

Sinful perspectives!

My love for you,
According to you
Is a mistake.

For me
It's the ultimate
Source of strength.

Even after all
Your ignorance
It still is.

And, will always be.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016


You ask me
Why I stand
Beside you

You tell me
To leave when
I want to

You call me
To tell me
How I'm
Committing a
Huge mistake
By being with you.

You just give me
One more reason
To be, stand and smile
With, along and beside

Just so you know,
For the
Hundredth million time
I am telling this to you
As I do

I'm there
Not because
I should be
I can be.

I'm there
I want to be
It's amazing
I love it.

I'm not there
With you
You need me.

I stand next
To you, always
I want and need you
I always will.

This thing
That you and I
Share is
A way of life
The way in which
I love my life.

Your panic attacks
Your possessiveness
You getting hyper
When I am late,
Makes me feel blessed.

I look at the time
I know you are
Waiting for me
To come
That makes me
Feel divine.

This will last
Till the end of forever
We will make it last
Because, this is
Probably as essential
As the oxygen
We breathe.

Everytime, everyday, everything.
A sinful routine
A beautiful bond.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Just STOP!

Just when you are
About to think
Of what exactly you
Wish to think
I want you to

I want you to stop
At that very moment.

Just stop
Because, as you begin
To plan to think
You will somewhere
Get confused
And I don't want
You to be confused.

Stop, because
I don't want you
To doubt
Yourself, myself and ourselves.

We're lost,
Yes, we are
All of us,
Some willingly
Some, very willingly.

We're lost because
We crave to find ourselves
Every morning when we wake up
Every night when sleep
Doesn't kiss us, easily.

This tiring business
Of finding
Who, what, where, how
Is the reason I
Don't want to think.

In fact,
I don't want
Anyone to think,
This business is bad
It makes you question
Everything, everyone
Including yourself.

The kind of questions
Which will never get
An answer
Because, the moment
We think, we've got an answer
Will exactly be the moment
When we find a new question.

And in this quest
I might,
You might,
We might,
Forget to
Live, breathe and smile.

So, stop.
Thinking is just
Not worth it.
It never will be.
Just STOP.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

आज फिर नींद नहीं आयी!

आज फिर नींद नहीं आयी
वही पुराना इंतज़ार
और कुछ बिखरी हुई
उम्मीदों ने फिर
चुरा ली मेरी
रात की नींद

तुम्हे क्या फरक पड़ता है
तुमको कौनसी चिंता है
जो तुम सोचोगे
मेरी सलामती के
बारे में

आजकल के ज़माने में
सिर्फ अपने बारे में
सोचने वाले लोग ही
खुश रहते है'

ऐसा लगता है
की अब अपनों
के बारे में
सोचना ही नाजायास
सा हो गया है

मैं तो अब
तुम्हारे अपनों में
भी नहीं आती हूँ
तो, मेरे जीने
या मरने से
तुम्हे भला क्यूँ
फरक पड़ेगा

चलो, कोई बात नहीं
वक़्त के साथ
सब बदल जाता है
तो, ये रिश्ते भला
क्यूँ पीछे रहें?

ये रिश्ते भी
बड़ी बेहरहमी से
या, तो बदल जाते है
या फिर टूट  कर
ज़ख्म कर डालते हैं

हम तो आज भी
तुम्हारी यादों
के टुकड़ों के
सहारे जीते हैं
तुम, उन अनमोल लम्हों
को भुला कर
कहीं दूर
चैन से रहते हो

ठीक है,
आज नहीं तो कल
ये यादें भी
पुरानी हो जायेंगी

मिट तो नहीं  पाएंगी
पर धुंदली तो हो ही

जब ऐसा होगा
मै भी बदल जाउंगी
हो सकता है
थोडा सा जल
भी जाऊं,
तुम्हारी इन यादों
के सैलाब
सलामत हो या नहीं
वाली बेचैनी के
समुन्दर को
तो पार कर
ही जाउंगी.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Out of love - 60!

In the end,
All we need is a
Little corner where
We can cry and smile
Without being judged.
It was a joke for you, but for me it was a mistake that gave me memories for a lifetime. The kind of memories I love to hate.
You think I love you
Ummm.... You aren't wrong,
But do you know
How worried I am about your smiles?
After losing you, I lost hope and faith in forevers!
The irony is, that you die every damn day, yet aren't declared dead during those days.
I love you and I will always keep my promise of being with you. And so they walked together, on parallel roads.
Promise keepers first, lovers next.
I almost believed
That, I couldn't do
Without you,
Until, you left
And I still managed
To survive!
I know you will come to me when there's nobody
Though, I never want you to be lonely in life
But, I can't stop craving for you either.
Can we fix this, please?
From being the reason behind my heartbeat to now being the reason why my heart is bleeding profusely, our bond had taken a turn. A turn that you and I never wanted. NEVER.
The heart, the soul, the mind. All gone.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Love: A rotten joke!

You call love
Blissful, right?
Ha! You might be
At bliss after
Finding, being, falling
In love
I certainly am not.

On the contrary,
It's one of those
Obnoxious feelings
Where I doubt myself
Hate myself for
Feeling it for someone else.

I know it's therapeutic
To have you by my side
But, it's been a while
To that healing and therapy
Now, it's all about
Endless waiting
And self cursing for
Falling for you.

That bliss, which you call
Makes my heart bleed
And, soul weep
But, I take it all
You know why?
Because, I love you
Much more than
I used to love myself.

You were therapy,
You still are,
But, these transitions
Are just not what
Both of us wanted.

Even, if I hate it
I still can't get over
The memories we've
The times we've
Spent, together.

Yes, it's obnoxious
And absolutely disgusting
To love, and live with a Utopia
Of being and feeling loved.

It's all a delusion.

Love is a delusion.
A rotten joke.
Something as sinful
As an oasis.

Damn. I have lived
With so much of
All this while.