Thursday, 30 April 2015

Art's Ambiguity!

The beauty of art lies in it's ambiguity. You need art, art needs time, and the reason why you and art gel so well is because art is a part of your soul. It comes out very naturally it's just that it's forms are different. Forms being words, colours, music, ability to capture moments etc.
It's not possible to define art because IT JUST IS the way it is. It's the inner you. It's your soul. Its your unexpressed emotions.
And that is exactly the reason why you DON'T LOVE art instead you LIVE ART!

Monday, 27 April 2015

मुझे डर लगता है!

कभी कभी मुझे
डर लगता है
बहुत ज्यादा डर
क्यूँ लगता है?
किस लिए लगता है?
कोई कारण है?
या नहीं है?
मुझे नहीं पता
शायद पता है
मुझे डर लगता है
इस कभी ना ख़तम
होने वाली दौड़ से
ऐसी दौड़
जो मंजिल तक
तो शायद पहुंचा दे
रास्तें में न जाने
कितने अपनों
कितने यारों
का साथ छुडवा दे
एक ऐसी दौड़
जिसमे अपनो के
विरोधी बन जाए
उस दौड़ मे 
जीत कर भी हार जाएँगे
शायद इस बात का
मुझे डर है
बहुत डर है।।

Sunday, 26 April 2015

A tear drop

Tonight a drop
of tear trinkles
Down my eyes
Slowly yet smoothly
It goes down via my cheek
To my lips
And then it vanishes
With a tinch
of my pain, sorrow and hurt
It tries to get out
of me my body my soul
Yet it stays within
Trapped and chained
I try to pull it out
But with that drop
I pull out
A part of my soul
Which lauds for
Peace happiness and love
But all it gets is
Tension sorrow and hatred
Yet I stand
Stand firm
Ready to face
The society
The world
Most importantly

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Stop the drama!

Has anyone ever cared about fellows human beings whether it's a flood, famine, war, earthquake, landslide etc? NO!, right? All we've ever done is get in touch with a few relatives/loved ones if they are fine you get back to work. In case they aren't you give them false hope that you'll be there if need be and again  get back to work.
As far as caring for people you don't know is concerned, please don't fool yourself and others by showing solidarity and empathy while you know there isn't any.
Let's just accept it we are one hell of an extremely inhuman, heartless and an abnormally selfish race.
Please stop this drama, for once!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Playing with fire!

The best part of fire is that you ultimately have to play with it. Whether it's voluntary or involuntary is totally upto you. You will burn your skin sometimes and your soul almost everytime. It may give you some scars too.
But then you probably don't have an option.

Thursday, 23 April 2015


We live in country where a rally is continued and speeches aren't even paused for a second even after a man commits a suicide. Prime minister doesn't seem to care about the poverty in the nation as he's busy with his world tour. Judiciary refuses to take action against it's politicians. Parliament is a hub of cartoons. Media will never focus on issues related to farmers,  student struggle etc. Education industry will focus on how to increase the production of robots. But the irony is you still call it a system!
Now, if you tell me ANARCHY will lead to hooliganism, I'll probably tell you to RETHINK!!!!!

Nightmares aren't horrific!

Nightmares aren't even horrific anymore simply because when your eyes are open you see so much of pain disgust hatred and blood shed that when something similar comes in your dream you probably shouldn't even term it as a NIGHTMARE. The system is teaching us how to get immune to these obnoxious things. Though that is sad but never the less it is the harsh reality of this 21st century.  Soon emotions will be extinct and we'll be left with a very robotic existence.
That'll be an era where  capitalism will prevail and humanity will die a hundred deaths!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Teachers/mentors: A necessity!

I don't know what role do students/ interns play in teachers, seniors mentors lives. All i know is they have played and continue to play a crucial role in our lives. I don't know whether i have made any of them happy or proud. But what remained constant was the rock solid support that came from them. The ability to make me realise that even if i come last i must reach the finish line and they will be there standing on the finish line to hug me because i didnt give up.
Some of them have been there to see at my lowest and yet had the courage to love and hug me. The continuous support which kept me reminding  that no matter what I am there with you, helped me take the most crucial decisions of my life. From telling me how i am not the worst being to why i should not stop working for things i love to do and probably want to pursue, these people have done it all. Some teachers didnt teach me officially yet taught me a lot. Some became the go to person more than a teacher. One person's hug became the most powerful calming factor for me. Her hug has something really special and magical which somehow soothes my soul and calms me down.
I till date text/call some of them just to hear that they are there for and with me. I know it takes truck loads of courage to deal with such a hyper as well as weird being and you people have it the most because you handle me and i know you will continue to do so.
I won't say thank you because i really cant thank you people enough for being there. All i will say is i pledge to stay, help and hopefully make you people proud of me too! :)

Inobidient Samsung!

Dear Samsung!

It's high time you realise I'm your owner/master. You are suppose to deliver my messages the moment I send them. I haven't given you the liberty to choose when to deliver my message.
Realise and accept that i will give you commands/orders and you will have to follow them.

Your owner.

100posts! :D

Art's Identity! :)

There really is no right and wrong, question or answer in art. ART is all about manipulation of colours, words, expressions and emotions.
The reason i call it manipulation is because accepting anything let alone art the way it is will be too much to expect from 21st century human units!

Eyes: A blessing! :D

I don't really know how to put this in words. I think there is a tinch of innocence in everyone's eyes its just that it goes unoticed maybe because innocence can't prevail in this obnoxious rat race. That shine in the retina is somehow so calm,  peaceful and serene that it just can't think about all the stupid competitions etc. I feel it's something really special about eyes which can't be expressed properly but one can surely feel it.
Only if eyes ruled the world this planet would have been a place worth living!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

The 3 fearful P's!

The 3 fearful P's that I'm talking or rather writing about here are pen pencil and poison. 
These 3 things are basically the fears of the world namely Word art and death.
Pen here symbolises the ability to express through words. Verbal communication, written expression, verbal expression, written communication etc. It is not that we lack the ability to express, it primarily is about the inability  to accept the expression or the emotion that one is trying to convey.
Pencil is something used to draw something specific or ambiguous. It can be figurative,  serene,  obnoxious, probably anything and everything that is inside you. Representation of a turmoil or something peaceful. To be precise it would be the inner and soulful you. The reason why one is scared of this kind of expression is because we simply lack the ability to accept ourselves the way we are, our body, our originality and most importantly our emotions.
Poison here represents the fear of death. The  constant anxiety which occurs probably because you have some notion whether you utilised your time properly or not, whether you have accomplished all your goals or not etc.
The solution to these 3 fearful P's is a single P that is Peace. Peace within. That peace is only attained once you are satisfied with yourself.
This peace may sound utopian to some extent it probably is but nonetheless this is the only solution I can think of.

Roots Farewell! :D

Roots was never just a society. It has always been a family. A bunch of people who became our choicest blessing. Meetings became a reason to meet lovely people click selfies,  hug each other and make countless memories. We don't claim to make the society better we pledge to take it further. We will stand united and make ROOTS the best Music Society ever.
Date: 1 May
Venue: The Evergreen Dsc Auditorium
Time: 9:00am
We aren't saying bye, we are just officially saying Thank You for being you. We know you will come back to us when we need you.
Your beloved,
Team Roots

Friday, 17 April 2015

My body, My complexion!

Dearest Dove, Nivea, Ponds etc
Please note I am extremly satisfied with my complexion nad have no desires to have a fairer/ better complexion. I can't even tell you how satisfied I am with my under arms, tummy. It would be great if you could use better MARKETTING STRATEGIES because this seriously is very nauseating.
Thanking You,
A person satisfied with her physical appearance.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

होने दो!

अश्कों को बहने दो
मुस्कान को फैलने दो
ना रोको उसे जो बस मे ना हो

रंगों को खिलने दो
सुरों को मिलने दो
इस सुकून को फलने दो

ना कल की चिंता करो
ना बीते वक़्त का अफ़सोस करो
जो आज है उसे जी लेने दो

प्यार करो
नफरत से ना डरो
बस सब युही होने दो


One of our able politicians termed our beloved media as PRESSTITUTE. My problem is not whether media is presstitute or not. My point of concern here is why is prostitution still looked down upon. You want to abuse media go ahead. But why condemn prostitution for that? I know accepting prostitution as a profession will be too much to ask for.  But then not condemning prostitution for a petty reason is not a very big deal.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015


मोह का धागा
रूह से जुदा तारा 

होटों पे मुस्कान 
खिलखिलाता हो आसमान 

सुकून की सांस 
पानी से बुझे प्यास 

संगीत का सुर 
धडकनों से बना गुरूर 

फूलों का रंग 
जीने का ढंग 

रंगों का एहसास 
प्यार का आभास 

Monday, 13 April 2015


There will be times when you will lose the zeal, spirit and need to live. At that point in time remember there is a system which has forced you in such a situation or mental state. You will have to breathe to set that system right, to take revenge and to destroy it so that it never has the audacity to ruin someone else's life and happiness.
In case you plan to give up remember this system has forced your fellow human beings to give up and have made their lives a living hell. You will have to stand up against all odds and take revenge from this obnoxious system. You will have to fight against this rat race so that they feel relieved and you can live the way you want.
If hatred is the solution so be it.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Thinking beyond cricket!

Yet another CRICKET championship, when will this country realise that we have other sports as well. I'm not saying cricket championships shouldn't exist all I'm trying to say is excess of anything is always harmful and that is exactly what we are doing with cricket. Cricket has now become a business with these disgusting match fixings, pre planned match injuries and what not.
Let's give a fair chance to all sports. I'm pretty sure we have a good number of shooters, athletes,  tennis players etc.
Instead of making 100 cricket stadiums let's just make 2 for each prominent sport. That's not much to ask for.
If you technically see all I am trying to convey is let equality prevail. Let's give equal opportunities to every sports person. Let there be equal amount of basketball courts, tennis courts,  football grounds, cricket stadiums etc so that everyone can practice as much they want to so that they can atleast give it there best shot.
And for heaven's sake let's not use cricketers for advertising purposes they aren't meant for that. They specialise in a particular art form let them enhance and enrich that.  Let the sportsmanship and the zeal to play survive.
Please don't assassinate the motive behind sports and games.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Vogue ad ain't empowering!

How difficult is it for human units to accept the fact that VOGUE is an MNC and is only concerned about it's market value and sales. It's a very common norm to USE a woman's beauty or hottness for advertising purposes as it attracts the masses.
Now if anyone could please explain me that why was Deepika Padukone featured in the ad?
Why didn't they feature an old woman or a not so famous actor?
Just to remind you VOGUE the theme you chose was WOMEN EMPOWERMENT, whereas I couldn't sense any empowerment. I felt a tinch of sexist attitude in it. Please realise matriarchy is not a solution to patriarchy.
By the way, did you even think beyond sales while making this advertisement?
I doubt.