Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A crayon!

A crayon
That hold's
Your hand
Gives you
The space
To glide
And slide
With your

It blesses
You with
The freedom
To choose
The colour
You wish
To add
Or subtract.

It allows
You to
Without demanding
Or expecting 
A masterpiece.

Because it
Knows already
That it's
Job is to
Bring a
Priceless smile
Not collect
Praises and certificates.

Monday, 29 June 2015

I know it's you!

That star which was shining the brightest in the crowd of million stars.
I know it was you grand pa shining bright as always, smiling at the world and sending lots of love to me.
Just wanted to tell you I've recieved your love and I'm sending you lots of love too!

Celebrate Pride!

To those who have problems with the rainbow coloured profile pictures on facebook.
Remember you people posted your pictures with your dad wishing him "Father's day" without even knowing the logic and reason behind it's celebration. If you can celebrate illogical days without any good reason. What is the problem in celebrating a day which has created history? What is the problem in celebrating loves victory?
Also, those saying "yeh sab India mai nahi hoga", "Apni marzi se shaadi karke dikhao" etc. Do you people remember that you protested against the dog killing festival in China? We don't celebrate this festival in India but still we were concerned about dogs. Right?
Similarly, I am happy with USA's decision on Queer. And therefore I choose to celebrate.
I wish to celebrate it by changing my profile picture. You gotta problem with that???

Those who wish to change there Dp go ahead, don't let these pseudo empaths stop you from celebrating!
Also, the link itself says 'Celebrate Pride' so you know the reason behind changing your Dp.
Celebrate love fellow beings, for a change.


As I
Gaze the
Sky above
Filled with
Twinkling stars
Shining bright
With delight
At each other
Emitting light
To make
This night

There is
This emperor
Mr. moon
Who is
The hero
Of this
Who chooses
To be

Finally comes
The darkness
Of the
Which makes
This night

It's basically
The stars
The emperor moon
The darkness
Which ensure
You sleep tight
With peace
And ease
The shining
Who wants you
To burn

Oh dear!
Why are
You so

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Out of love 10!

Million bruises on your body are less painful than a scratched soul....
That fragrance of contenment and satisfaction in the sweat.....
Universe doesn't have colours....it's the colours which make the universe! :)
Its because of wounds that you realise the value of healing agents
There is music in silence.....You just have to keep your ears and heart open
There is a difference between being sad and being broken.
Differences are not created they are just felt..
That pinching noise of silence between and amongst people..
That fear of losing something. Where something is unknown.
There is a huge difference between stretching your lips and SMILING!

The Unacknowledged Fear!

Closed doors
Shut windows
Sealed hearts
Bounded minds
All because
You fear

This something
Can be
Zillion other things.

Why are
You so
Why is
Your mind
Filled with
What you
Have to
You automatically
Will lose
Whether you
Like it

What is
The point
In hiding

Are you
Scared to
That you
Dont posses?

What you
Have today
Is real
Is probably
The only
Live this
Before you
Lose it to

Plan your
With the most
Accurate calculation
Without even
That you
May not
See your
So called

You worry
Regret about
What happened
You finally
End up
Your today.

Saturday, 27 June 2015


Appreciate your
They have helped you
The ugliness
The sadness
The dullness
Within and around you
That is
The reason
Why you

The universe
As, it is
Holding you
Safe and tight
In its arms
So that
You can
What you
Like or dislike
Love or hate
Million other

The thought
The emotion
Which has
Hit your
As, it gave you
The ability
To think
So, that you could
The good
The bad
The ugly.

Every Second
Every minute
Every hour
You are
Enough to
Towards everything
Whether it is
Non- Living.

The very
Essence of
As it has
Made the
A place
worth living


Friday, 26 June 2015

Note to pseudo beloveds!

Since my second year results are out my over enthusiastic beloveds, well wishers, enimies etc have taken out time from their busy schedules to enquire how my result was. A couple of them love me to such an extent that they managed to screenshot my result and send it to me. I would sincerely like to appreciate their effort. They took the pain to get my examination roll number then used the battery of their cell phones or laptops to log in to the website finally type the required details then see my result and probably do some mental calculation of my percentage followed by a couple of comparisons with some fellow human units or animals and then finally take the pain to send me my result. A heart felt thank you to you people for checking my result before I knew it was out.
You may or may not have checked it for massaging your ego, comparing it with fellow beings, to tell me how bad I was academically or probably for some other reason which I dont know. I am glad that I have so many people in life who are interested in knowing how do I perform academically and it gives me immense pleasure in acknowledging the fact that you are interested in my marksheet more than me.
Also, I am a bit astonished as i have recieved messages from people who barely talk to me, to people who have hated me and probably wouldnt even turn up on my funeral to ask how my score was. Was it bad or very bad and similar firing of questions is still in progress.
All i would say is I might have scored something known as a BELOW AVERAGE SCORE but i am extremly happy to learn that i atleast have average DOG LIKE LOVE LEFT IN ME EXCLUSIVELY FOR PEOPLE WHO I CARE FOR, which in my opinion is something to be happy about. i atleast ask people how they are before shooting questions like how was your result?, why didnt you score X percentage ? and the list of such questions is inexhaustable.
I wouldnt say marks dont matter to me because i know they do matter to me more than a lot and probably that is one of the reasons why i get pissed off when people ask me my score when i havent scored well.
Yes! marks matter to me but i am quite sure they dont define me!

Thank You!

With huge hugs and lots of love,

P.s.: People wishing to check my result my examination roll number is: 4121450036. Please go ahead and check my score card if you wish to!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

A Dreamer!

Before a
A happy
A passionate
There is
A Dreamer.

A dreamer
Who dreams
To achieve
He or she
Is probably
Dreaming about

A dreamer
A passionate

Who has
The wings
To fly
To see
The unseen
And the
Courage to
His or her

Out of Love: 09!

It's been a while I heard you
Whispered a voice unknown...

And it's after ages I felt so good
Today, I stood in front of my mirror with my eyes shut to see who I really AM.....
In this tussle between my head and heart....my soul got crushed.
The magical journey of realisations
The truth is that everything is a LIE
The only difference between you and a Pheonix is, you are real and that bird is imaginary. Everythig else is common between you two.
I haven't seen anything more magical than life. So, if magic is an illusion then life is an illusion too!
Time and dreams are 2 things which I can't control!!!
Its basically our tensions and tussles which help us transform :) 
Dreaming, planning and achieving are 3 different concepts....which ultimately lead you to your goal

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

I dream!

I dream
All day
All night
Sometimes with delight
At times with fright

I dream
Of a different land
Where I'm a  colourful girl
Playing in a
A place
Flowers talk
Trees walk
Humans stalk
Flowers and trees.

I dream
To be
Hard working
At times
My dreams
I can't
Control my
They come
Very unknowingly
In a
State of mind.

I dream
I know
I can
If I
Don't dream
How will I be
What I dream to be
I dream
Whole heartedly

Monday, 22 June 2015

Hello me!

It's been a while
You genuinely smiled
Said, a voice
I looked around
For a while
Turning my head
Left and right
For the source.

After sometime
The voice repeated
Smile, you fool
I'm craving
Desperately waiting
To see your
Lips expand.
I turned around
Round and round
Who's voice was it.

Some seconds of
Followed the voice
I felt easy
Yet confused
The voice then said
Don't look around
Look within
Peep inside
Inside your soul
You idiot

I didn't
I couldn't
Why would I?
I knew already
It came from
Was fooling myself
As I always do
To escape
The harsh reality
To ease myself
With imagination

This time
The whole of me
Refused to
Be fooled.
Or rather
The real ME
Had realised
Is not the
And with
This I
Who I really AM!!!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

A Music Day?

If I may daresay that I have understood music by 0.01% of what it actually is, then I think all I would say is it surely doesn't require a day to celebrate its existence. For me it's been a way of life. I have been associated with it since I was 9 years old and today I am 19 and music or in my case Tabla has been the only constant for a decade. I don't understand how can one celebrate music in a day. Music has been one of the major reasons which has helped me stay peaceful and composed. It's more like the oxygen I breath in. Is it possible to celebrate oxygen's existence in a day? Do you celebrate oxygen? Or you just acknowledge it's existence and somewhere within express your gratitude for it's presence? I very proudly confess that I lack the potential to celebrate MUSIC in A SINGLE DAY. Every breath I take, everytime my heart beats it somehow tends to say "Thank You" to music.
It's because of music that I got recognition, it's music which made me realise the real meaning of peace, I learnt about something called PLEASANT PAIN and the list can go on and on maybe till eternity. I started enjoying the pain in my upper arm after practicing Tabla and that is what I call pleasant pain. I could feel my muscles relax, the flow of my blood felt like a peaceful river and my mind was quite without any tussles in it. This is the impact of music in my life. And I as an individual think that I have only known music by 0.01% of what it is.
10 years of absolute devotion to it and I still haven't understood it by a percent. How do you expect me to celebrate it if I haven't understood it. And I can guarantee you I will never be able to decode what music exactly is.
I haven't loved music, I have lived it every single day of my life.
And I refuse to celebrate my life in a single day.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

A dialouge with pain!

Ah pain! It's been quite sometime we've known each other. You know me I know you. You know when you get hard to manage, I tend to become more substantively productive.
Anyways, since you're trying to go beyond control this time I am pretty sure I'll manage to complete all my tasks before time.
This game/war between us has become boring, but since you still wanna compete. I'll fulfill this wish of your's.
Let the game begin!
All the best, dear Rival.

Friday, 19 June 2015

तलाश- ए- खुदा!

उन्होंने कहा....
खुदा की इबादत कर
मैंने पूछा...
कहाँ है वो?
मुझे आसमान दिखा दिया 
टिमटिमाते तारे 
बादलों के पीछे से
मुस्कुराते चाँद 
से मुझे मिला दिया 
मैंने पूछा......
क्या ये खुदा है??
उन्होंने कहा...
मैंने पूछा...
फिर क्यूँ दिखाया ये आसमान मुझे?
उन्होंने कहा....
खुदा इस आसमान की तरह 
असीम और हसीन  है 
उस खुदा को 
ढूंढा नहीं,
महसूस किया जाता 
उसको कमरों में कैद नहीं 
दिलो में समाया जाता है 
धर्म से नहीं 
कर्म से पहचाना जाता है 
मैंने पूछा.......
ये दिखने में  कैसे हैं?
गोरे हैं या काले हैं?
लम्बे हैं पतले हैं?
इनको में पहचानूंगी कैसे?
इनसे मैं माँगूगी क्या?
या फिर 
कुछ और?
उन्होंने मुस्कुराकर.....
पहले मुझे दर्पण दिखाया 
फिर कहा 
"ऐसा होता है खुदा"
मैने कहा.....
अरे! ये तो में हूँ 
और में खुदा नहीं हूँ 
मेरे आगे कोई शीश नहीं झुकाता 
कोई माथा नहीं टेकता 
कोई मुझे नमन नहीं करता 
उन्होंने हँसते हुए कहा....
जब तुमने खुदा को 
कभी देखा और सुना नहीं
तो तुम्हे कैसे पता 
कि उनके आगे लोग कैसा व्यवहार करते हैं,
मैं दो पल शांत रही...
उन्होंने कहा.....
खुदा कोई 
चीज़ या इंसान नहीं है
हाँ! लेकिन 
हर इंसान 
हर चीज़ 
में खुदा जरूर है 
तुम खुदा हो 
मैं खुदा हूँ 
ये पेड़ खुदा है 
सब कुछ ही खुदा है 
इसीलिए वो असीम हैं 
मैने कहा.....
फिर क्या मैं सबसे 
कुछ- कुछ 
मांग सकती हूँ?
उन्होंने कहा....
खुदा का काम क्या माँगना होता है?
मैंने कहा.....
नहीं! वो तो सबको सब कुछ देता है 
उन्होंने कहा.....
खुदा तो तुम भी हो 
तो तुम्हे भी देना चाहिए 
एक फूल खुशबू देता है 
संगीत सुकून देता है 
पेड फल देता है 
मैंने कहा....
पर मेरे पास तो देने के लिए कुछ नहीं है.
उन्होंने कहा...
प्यार का नाम सुना है?
मैंने कहा...
उन्होंने कहा...
प्यार से बड़ी अमानत 
उससे बेहतर कोई एहसास 
आजतक महसूस किया है?
मैंने कहा.......
उन्होंने कहा.....
इस एहसास को बांटो
इसकी एहमियत बताओ 
इसकी क़द्र करना सिखाओ 
बस कभी कुछ 
वापस मिलने 
की कामना मत करना 
बस अपना काम करना 
अपने दिल से
अपनी आत्मा से
मैंने पूछा.......
क्या ऐसा करने से 
खुदा बन जाते हैं?
उन्होंने कहा....
कुछ करने से नहीं 
कुछ बाँटने से 
किसीकी हँसी का कारण बनने से
किसी की दुआओं का 
हिस्सा बनने से ज्यादा 
ज्यादा अहम क्या होगा?
एक दूसरे की ज़रुरत पूरी करो 
ताकि किसी को कभी कुछ माँगना ना पड़े
इतना प्रकाश फेलाओ 
की अँधेरा कभी ना रहे 
ऐसा काम करो 
जिससे सब खुश रहें 
और दुःख कोसों दूर रहे 
एक ऐसा ज़माना 
जहाँ लोग 
खुदा की नहीं 
मुस्कानों की इबादत करें
सही मायने में 
ही खुदा है.
इसको बाँटने वाला खुदा 
इसको अपनाने वाला खुदा 
इसीलिए तुम खुदा हो 
मैं खुदा हूँ 
इस दुनिया की हर चीज़ खुदा है 
इसलिए दुनिया की इबादत करना 
खुदा की इबादत करना हुआ || 

Thursday, 18 June 2015

A perfect imperfection!

My scars,
My imperfections
My flaws
Aren't they a
Part of ME?
My strengths,
My beauty,
Other good things
That my
Isn't my
Incomplete without
Black and white???
Am i not part
Of my own
Am i not
A perfect imperfection,
Which has all of me
Whether it's


Before its blossoms
It's torn and plucked
To spread its fragrance
To spread smiles and happiness
It's thorns are
Brutally scrapped
From it's body
Are they not part of it?
Who listen's to
It's pain?
Is all we see
Dear flower,
We dont acknowledge
The tears you
Painfully weep .

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The voice!

It's been a while
I heard you
Whispered a voice
Very familiar.
It's after ages
That I felt good
How I wish
I could
Tell you
How good
I was,
Before you
In the world
Far far away.
Where did you come from?
The sky
The sea
The woods
Somewhere else.
Voice unknown
You made me
Feel so good.

My system!

Beloved creatures (including human units) on Earth!

I need/crave/require hugs after working for more than 45 mins at a stretch.
You may or maynot find this weird, but the fact of the matter is this how my system functions. I am programmed in such a way that my battery can only get recharged after a hug. Work done or the rate of efficiency is directly proportional to the size and amount of hugs.
Please cooperate with my system and if possible please add fuel to my system too.

Thank you

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Out of love: 08!

At times denial is much more important than acceptance.
A heart is never stitched....it's either taped...or it's simply removed.
At times you don't have the opportunity to grab an opportunity.
There is a huge difference between being happy and living happily...
Stale wounds don't hurt much.......but their scars, surely become one more obstacle which whole heartedly tries to stop the healing
Its because of moments that you make memories and its because of memories you cherish those moments.
Some souls are so beautiful and impactful that they just become an inevitable part of your life. Meeting them is always unfulfilling as it leaves you craving for more!
There are no new sentences without fullstops...
Today, as my eye lids kissed my eye and covered them with their curtain of love......I could see and feel an all new world. A place where colours ruled, music worked and happiness prevailed.
90% of the things you do are done because you have to do them not because you should them or you'd like to do them.

कुछ कमी है, शायद?

सांसें हैं पर
धडकनों का आभास नहीं
घडी है पर
वक़्त का ख्याल नहीं
पैसे हैं पर
खर्च करने क वजह नहीं
खवाब हैं पर
पूर करने का जूनून नहीं
लोग हैं पर
प्यार नहीं
सब कुछ ही है
पर चैन नहीं 

Monday, 15 June 2015

Dark over light!

Twinkling stars
Shining moon
Peaceful sky 
Silent roads 
Noise-free atmosphere
Sleeping in peace
Dreaming a fantasy land
Away from the race
Without any hustle and bustle
Everything is just so serene
But the irony is
They say 
The nights are
For them the day 
With commotion
Lots of motion
Is the only notion
I'd gladly 
Very happily 
Prefer the 
Over the
For I know
Aren't earned
They are  
And for me
The so called
Has helped 
Me attain 
Them ALL 
Is how 
I define my 

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Each other's identity! :)

Light and dark
High and low
Deep and shallow
Success and failure
Selection and rejection
Joys and tears
Life and death
Are antonyms
Yet they are
An inevitable
Part of
Each other's
They cannot
Exist simultaneously
Yet they are
From each other's
They define
Each other's

Saturday, 13 June 2015


Smiles travel miles
Without feeling
Tired and exhausted
They soothe your soul
Without any effort
It's just that
At times
They are
Dependent on
External factors
Internal situations
It's peaceful
It's rare
These days
You don't find
People smiling
And laughing
They might
Pretend to
For the camera
So that they look happy
But the truth is
You don't smile
With your lips
You smile with your
Heart and soul.

Out of love: 07!

Some places are made and some are constructed
At times the journey itself is the destination..
dont wait for an opportunity, create one!
there are no coincidences things are meant to happen and therefore they happen.
Life itself is a phase...A phasing waiting to be explored...
Every twinkling star has a story waiting to be heard.....
Appreciating art is one thing, but until & unless you value it everything will become pointless!
Ambiguity has its own beauty!
Let the strength of love prevail till eternity. Let love's fragrance spread all over the planet!
Don't think, just feel it

कुछ अलफ़ाज़, बस यूँ ही - 03!

हार से जीत छीन ने वाले हैं हम, योधा नहीं छात्र हैं हम
ये शब्दों की वकालत है लेकिन दिलों की अदालत है।
हारते तो सिर्फ वो है, जो लड़ने की हिम्मत करते है।
ज़िन्दगी तो बस होंसलों की उड़ान है!
जीत वो नहीं होती जो किसी को हरा कर मिले।असली जीत तो वो होती है जो सबकी मुस्कान का कारण हो.....
किसी भी कला मे अपनी जान दाल दो, ज़िन्दगी तो बक्शीश मे ही मिल जाएगी, साथ मे सुकून का आभास शायद तुम्हे ज़िन्दगी जीना भी सिखा दे..
दामन मैं लगा दाग तो शायद मिट सकता लेकिन एक बार जो सपनों पे लग जाये तो सिर्फ दर्द होता है और कुछ नहीं
कुछ चीज़ें हम सीखते हैं और कुछ वक़्त सिखाता है!
कभी कभी गलत गाड़ी ही सही जगह पर पहुंचा देती है. क्यूँ होता है पता नहीं पर होता है ये महसूस किया है मैंने.
ज़िन्दगी बहुत बड़ी है, अगर डरोगे तो जियोगे कैसे? कुछ नहीं होगा अगर साँसों को ये बता दो की तुम्हे उनकी नहीं उन्हें तुम्हारी ज़रुरत है!

Out of love: 06!

A head full of fears has no space for dreams.
Everybody does their best in the given circumstances and consiousness
Life is individual's perception!
When music tatters, world shatter's!
The moment you find yourself struggling too much, the only answer you crave for is BREATHE
Death is not the biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive - the risk to be alive and express what we really are
Every moment is a new beginning.
Simplicity is the key to brilliance!!!
It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.
Don't pity the dead, Pity the ones living!

Out of love: 05!

Successful wastage of sufficient time.
Being equally unequal is something very few would understand.
The quest is to keep the SOLE of your shoe intact so that you can atleast walk and are not stuck. SOUL as it is hasn't done any good to you.
The key to survive in this rat race is to JUST LET IT BE.
It's your right to disagree. And it's your wisdom to accept disagreement.
Follow your sushine!!!
smiles are not meant to be captured smiles are to be felt, they are to spread they are to express and shine.
It is important to know the crime before accepting the punishment.
you can never snatch my curiosity from me. You just CAN'T!
Greatness is not inherited, it is achieved!

Out of Love: 04!

Everyone doesn't have the audacity to dream and the ones who have they have the courage to fulfil their dreams!
It's not the goodbye which hurts, it's usually the flashback that follows!
Sometimes it's just good to lose control and live. Live LIFE!
If an attachment with a living being is able to induce the right amount of motivation and pressure in you, then probably attachments aren't bad.
There really is no right and wrong, question or answer in art. ART is all about manipulation of colours, words, expressions and emotions.
It's always about associating with the masses and compromising with classes!
Myth Making: A talent itself.
Every poem or story has it's own soul!
You aren't really passionate about something until and unless you live it!
Dasvidaniya! Ze tension says to ze soul!

Out of love: 03!

Only if the world had the ability to handle art and passion together.....
Making memories: A journey itself!
Music is not my life, my life is musical!
If you think carefully you will probably realise that there is a huge difference between LOVING what you do and LIVING what you do.
The universe is not made of atoms, it's made of stories. Stories of souls!
Give it that life, give it that breath, the breath...... that it truly deserves
Only if there was a map to lead life......atleast there would be a destination to look forward too!!!
Patterns, colours, music, smiles, love and a hug from a favourite person are things on which my soul survives!
Only if the world had the ability and the courage to unlearn.....
Delhi is not a place its a road which gives you uncountable memories

Out of love: 02!

Your soul deserves love and affection not division
Art does not belong to everyone..Its within every soul. Things which are in you dont belong to you. They are an integral part of your existence.
Half the world is devastated because we have a term like REJECTION!!!
You don't need faith or knowledge to experience. Just simply do it and feel!!!
Fear is nothing but a mere illusion. It's a lie a trick to fool us. That's all fear is about!!!
At times there is so much inside you that you probably don't think there is any medium which can express all of that.
An eye that bleeds is an eye which has the courage to see bloodshed in this world!
Once upon a dream.....I was.....what I ACTUALLY was.....
It's ultimately me who finds myself!!!
When you rise from your own ashes it is one of the most satisfactory feelings,but the time during which you RE-build yourself is very painful

The best journey ever!

I never really thought I had the ability to articulate my emotions, my vision, my dreams, my aspirations and. most importantly the turmoil within me into words which could get converted into poems articles and stories. It's not that I couldn't do this earlier, it's just that I didn't explore this side of ME.
I thought writing was for my notebooks and examination answer sheets on which I would be judged and marked upon. I'd buy the most expensive pen in the shop just to convince myself to write. I like, my fellow human beings didn't like to be judged. I wanted to learn and become knowledgeable without looking at those books. I didn't like books and I still hate them with all my heart. 
 About 10-11 months back I was just sitting and willing away time with few acquaintances until a crisis arose. The crisis was to stop a friend from a  nervous break down. Nobody was forced to help, yet everybody tried their best to help.
  I think at times we feel nervous simply  because we don't know our abilities and haven't explored every bit of US. And I think something simliar had happened that day.
   She was a poet and was told to write a poem. Yet she couldn't write one, she said her hands were shivering and her mind was trembling. I couldn't understand what she meant by that, all I could interpret from her statement was that she was nervous. She was nervous because she was to be judged on that poem, she was shivering because someone would analyse and give her marks on something which came from her soul and she obviously  couldn't control her soul's call. Nonetheless, I tried to calm her down and told her to write anyway. On that statement of mine she said I'll lift my pen if you promise to give me company. I said ya sure I'll sit with you till the time to you write. She said NO, not that way. Give me company by doing the same thing that I'm doing. I said I don't write. She said there is always a first time. There was a very weird silence for 40 seconds. But after that I nodded my head in agreement.
She gave me a notepad and a green pen. For about 10 mins I was just staring the blank sheet without any thought in my head. After being blank for about 10 mins I lifted the pen and the first word that my hand wrote was LIFE. I didn't know why I wrote this word, I didn't even know the meaning of this word in it's true sense.
I then started thinking about life. what is life? why is life important? and gazillion similar questions came in my head without any answers. All I had was trucks and aeroplanes full of questions. I just jotted down those questions exactly the way they crossed my head. In the weirdest language, without even caring about the grammatical errors.
     And as luck would have it one of the professor's landed in the room. This professor took my sheet and read what I had doodled. All she said was "You are blessed with a soul which still has the ability to over rule your mind. Take good care of it." And I swear I didn't understand what she meant. She told me to submit what I had written. I was already in such a weird state of shock that I did what she told me to do without any ifs and buts. Yes! I had submitted that crazy doodling that I had done.
   I somehow felt calm after writing what I wrote. I could feel that the wicked turmoil like thing in me had subsided. I was feeling calm and peaceful. A drop of tear trinkled down my eye via my cheek it reached the area below my chin and I like an idiot didn't wipe it off. I just wanted things to flow at that time. Flow the way they were.  It was after few days of deep  interrogation and introspection that I had done within myself,  that I realised that I had not written something that day. I had just said HELLO to the real me. This real me was amazing it wasn't affected by materialistic forms of appreciation and criticism. It didn't care about marks and results. All it was concerned about was love, life and art. It was then that I finally realised that articulating things in my head helped my head and soul to stay calm and composed.
Thus began my journey of writing. A journey who's destination is the never ending journey itself.

Friday, 12 June 2015

ये हो क्या रहा है?

ज़मीन बाटने का वक़्त है,
नफरत को पनाह देने के लिए बहुत जगह है
मज़हब पर  लड़ने के हज़ारों बहाने हैं


तन्हाई बाटने का समय नहीं है 
प्यार को स्वीकार ने के लिए दिलों में जगह नहीं है
शान्ति का पैगाम लहराने की एक भी वजह नहीं मिलती 

आखिर क्या हो गया है दुनिया को?
क्या इस इंसानों की दौड़ ने
इंसानियत का ही कतल कर दिया?

Out of love!

At times you just need to shut your eyes to look into the world within you....the world which is made by you for you....the world which is yours and has its own aura........just close your eyes and let your heart do the rest..
The point is you will never understand my point until and unless you have the patience and ability to listen to my point.
I pursue art to express not to impress.
In case you have the time and ability to differentiate between the 2.
Every soul is a beautiful artist and every being's life is an artistic masterpiece.
There are no corners to hide in. This planet is unfortunately spherical.
Dreams are beyond articulation ability....if you can articulate it then it's probably a work plan.
this world is a blank canvas and your mind is the paint brush.....Now it's upto you how you wish to paint the canvas.
You need to have time to give time it's due time!
Time and life are inversely proportional. When you have less time just try and live little more.
Being peacefully scared is a state of mind

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Maggi Ban!

Maggi which has been in india since 1982 is suddenly banned in 2015, because some gentleman after good 33 years realised it is harmful. Well, that is a bit late but nonetheless it's still okay to interrogate about a product whenever you feel like. As a consumer you have the right to know complete details of the product and you obviously you have the right to pressurise the government to get the product tested in the lab in case you feel something is fishy.
Maggi apparently has high amount of LEAD which is not healthy. Btw, did maggi ever claim to be healthy? Did maggi ever force you to eat it? No, right! It was your choice to consume or not to consume. The government has no buisness to ban a product just because it is UNHEALTHY. It is an individual's choice whether to have a healthy lifestyle or an unhealthy lifestyle.
The irony is ciggeratte, pan masala and other CANCER causing products are sold freely while maggi is OFFICIALLY BANNED.

Such irony. Much astonishment!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

कुछ अलफ़ाज़, बस यूँ ही - 02!

कला में कोई ऐब और मलाल नहीं होता, कला तो इश्क है सच्चा और पाक | दिल से निकलता है आत्मा से संचालित होता है |
जब मेरे अश्कों का दर्द समझ नहीं आया तो मेरी मुस्कान की कीमत क्या समझ आएगी...
तसवीरें और यादें कितनी भी धुंदली क्यूँ ना हो, ज़हन में हमेशा ही रहती हैं...
भागने के लिए वजह नहीं जूनून चाहिए होता है।
ढूँढो ज़िन्दगी के सातों रंग, महसूस करो सातों सुर, अपनाओ हर खवाब और जियो हर लम्हा
यादों के सीने में नफरत को कभी पान्हा न देना...
पैसे तुम्हारी ज़िन्दगी का एक हिस्सा हैं,शायद काफी एहम हिस्सा.पर याद रखना पैसा तुम्हारी ज़िन्दगी का सिर्फ एक हिस्सा है
यादों का सीने में बस जाना बहुत खूबसूरत और दर्दनाक होता है
मृत्यु अंत नहीं है
जैसी बची है वैसी ही बचा लो ये दुनिया..

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

वक़्त और हम!

ना हमने कभी
वक़्त की इफाज़त करी 
ना वक़्त ने कभी 
हमारी करी |
लेकिन आजतक 
हम और वक़्त 
दोनों ही 
बखूबी निभा रहें |
अब हम दोनों 
के तालुक 
उस मकाम 
पर पहुँच गए हैं 
ना वक़्त को कोई 
उम्मीद है हमसे 
हमे तो खैर 
कभी थी ही 
नहीं इस वक़्त से 
ना तब, ना अब

Monday, 8 June 2015

Medical industry needs medication!

Seeing the ashes of your passion and your loved ones is not a very nice feeling. It hurts, leaves a nasty scar and most importantly with those ashes a part of you is also burnt....a burn which cannot be healed. The scary part of this feeling is that you start imagining things which you know will never be true. Feeling your Grandpa's hand despite of knowing the fact that he is not there is one of the most scary yet a very calm and peaceful feeling. Science of course considers this as a symptom of hallucination, high stress levels and one million other lenghty diseases. It's their job to make money from our pain you see. And this is a very strong symptom of a disease called CAPITALISIM which the medical industry is suffering from and they unfortunately consider us sick. I felt a hand on my head and I know i felt it how can someone deny that? I know it was grandfather's hand, I JUST KNOW that. I am not bound or obliged to give everyone logics about what I feel. 
I never knew a piece of wood with  thin slice of lead had the ability to sketch my favourite person's potrait. This is something i didn't know came to know about it after spending good 18 years of my life. I have been using that commodity since the age of 3. All i knew about that product then was that it is something used  to complete homeworks. I hated its presence. The world calls it a pencil. I used to consider it my enemy back then,  but now i consider it as my companion for life. Perceptions change. But emotions and feelings dont. They remain  the same. 
They say my DADU is no more, i know he is there with me. I know he is smiling at me,  even if you call this being MAD. He is still there its just that you cant see him, BUT I CAN STRONGLY FEEL HIM AROUND ME and i know my feelings are honest and true unlike this dishonest and double faced world.  I look at the moon when i crave to see him. He was unique, very generous and an abnormally selfless soul like the moon which shines when everything is dark and haunted. Now if one could please tell me how is this comparison illogical? Its my view about it you are free to disagree but you are not allowed to disregard it. 
As my favourite person puts it " You are not supposed to do anything. You were not here in life with a time table. Do what you FEEL like" I think i will stick to this quote. And i think i will start listening to the slimy reddish grey fist size thing in my body which beats in a very rythmic pattern. 

Sunday, 7 June 2015

कुछ अलफ़ाज़, बस यूँ ही!

आँखों में बहता सागर 
रगों में बहता खून 
होता तो ज़रूर है 
इस कमबख्त दिल को
सच मानना गवारा कहाँ |
जब रगों में खून की जगह 
कला के करीब जानेका जूनून बहे,
तो ये मान लेना चाहिए
की तुम कला के लिए नहीं
कला की वजह से जी रहे हो ||
अरज और आवाज़
में उतना ही फरक होता है
जितना की
चोट और ज़ख़्म में होता है..
पुराने जख्म मिटते नहीं है
बस वक्त के साथ
उन पर धूल जम जाती है...
रात के अंधेरे में
चंद्रमा की रौशनी
दिन की चुभती गर्मी में 
पेड़ की छाँव, 
उम्मीद और शीतलता
का प्रतीक होती हैं ।।
सुरूर तो हमेशा से ही हल्का ही रहा है,
हाँ! जूनून की बात करो
तो बताएं जोश किसे कहते हैं!
हमेशा तो
तुम अपने खुद के भी नहीं हो,
कोई इंसान या चीज़
कैसे होगी फिर हमेशा के लिए? 
वक़्त की इबादत
तो तब करेंगे
जब उस वक़्त की
कैद से रिहा होंगे...
जब सारे दरवाज़े बंद हो जाएँ तो,
खिड़कियाँ खोलने
तोड़ने में ही समझदारी है...

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Hypocricy at its best!

This world will go to any extent for protesting and supporting the political system, academic structure, health issues, rights of BABAs and another 100 million similar things. Which is technically good and i whole heartedly appreciate it. But, at times what i fail to understand is where do these activists, social workers etc go when it comes to standing for FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. Why is that there is no protest when a paiting is ban? Why is it that no protest or rally or something similar takes place when an artist is arrested just because he/she had expressed their views through an artistic medium? Why is it so easy to harass an artist worldwide? Is pursuing art in any form a crime?

It is a well known fact that all these bureaucrats will never allow expression to prevail because they themselves are scared of it. Simple reason being: The world will come to know about their deeds. But one expects NGOS, Art & Culture organiations to behave in an unbiased manner. Alas! These organizations have also turned hopeless. No organization has the courage to stand for and by EXPRESSION. Whether it's a painter, dancer, musician, writer etc each one of them will be harassed and supressed simply because they have a different point of view and have the guts to express it through artistic mediums unlike goons and hooligans who resort to violence and blood shed in order to express or convey their point of view.

Beauty of expression lies in complexity of art. Dance, music, painting etc also express anger happiness and many other emotions and ideologies, its just that some understand and some dont, which is again  okay. Everybody has their own perception about things, you see.

But does that mean you ban their precious works of art?
Does that mean you force an artist to quit their field of art?
Does that mean you dont allow expression to prevail?

If this is the level of hypocricy that exists, I think art in all forms will soon be an EXTINCT CONCEPT!

Friday, 5 June 2015

Corporate life!

Corporate life
Some wine
Few fears
Some tears

Salary cheque
Some champagne
Smiles and jingles
Easily blend

Between this
Job and cheque
Lies a soul
Waiting for
A lot more

Thursday, 4 June 2015

कुछ चीज़ें दिखाने के लिए नहीं होती!

हिम्मत, ताकत और शौर्य देखने- दिखाने के लिए नहीं होता । सही समय पर अगर इनका प्रयोग ना करो तो इन गुणों और तुम्हारे शव मे कोई फर्क नहीं बचेगा । जैसे शव को ज्यादा रखने से बदबू आती है वैसे ही आपके इस  झूटे दिखावे से आएगी ।अंजाम भी वही होगा जो एक लाश का होता है, राख हो जाएगा सब कुछ। जिंदा रहते हुए राख होने का कोई फायदा नहीं है। इसलिए सदा विनम्र रहने में ही भलाई है |

Wednesday, 3 June 2015


This world
Our lives
Our jobs
Our mind
That we are
Scared of
Desperate about
Is basically
A blank
Your soul
Your mind
Your Outlook
Your perspective
Your imagination
Your passion
Is the
Paint brush
Now Its
Upto you
To decide
To choose
How you
wish to
Paint this
This painting
will be
Undoubtedlly your
Very own
Paint it
Whole Heartedlly
Take your time
Dip your brush
In every
Whether its
Your canvas
To feel
The beauty
That every
Colour is
Willing to
Give and share.
Let it be

Happy Painting!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Everything is a phase!

Life and death
Light and dark
Joys and sorrows
Smiles and tears
Highs and lows
Flow and stagnation
Positive and negative
Are temporary phases
Which shall pass
With time and wine
Cartoons and games
Name and fame

It'll be gone
Whether it's
Because nothing
Is permanent
It's all mortal
Yet we try
That it's 

Monday, 1 June 2015


ना वक़्त की इफ्फाज़त की है
ना की अपनों की क़द्र
ना सुनी धड़कने दिल की
ना रक्त  के बहने का हुआ कभी एहसास

बस एक मुस्कान की आस है
प्यार की प्यास है
जिंदा रहने की चाह है
और जीने के रज़ा है

ऐ खुदा बस यही
मेरी दुआ
मेरी मन्नत
मेरा मकसद है