Monday, 29 February 2016

Out of love - 43!

From unhealed wounds to scars was a difficult journey, but from scars to numbness was a cake walk.
Connections may or may not be re established but bonds certainly aren't.
i travelled from one place to another, only to realise how captivated my footsteps were.
Travelled around and across the world, pretended to meditate a bit, nothing helped. Finally, found a tinch of peace in her glowing eyes.
No matter what a little bit of light and a thin ray of hope will always make there way to your dark soul 
Unquote those familiar quotes and you'll probably realise why they embrace pain with such grace.
In this quest to be yours truly, have I lost you already?
Only if you could pretend to acknowledge my silence. The silence which has been vocal for sometime now. 
The reason why I can't get rid of the ugly art that resides in me is probably because of the unwept tears!
A reply instead of blue ticks and the deepest sigh of relief. 


Sunday, 28 February 2016

Need indeed!

You're not air
You aren't water
Yet, you're much more
Essential than these two.

We may not talk everyday
We don't meet very often
But, I know you're there
And you know that too.

Your smile, my happiness
The glow in your eyes
Is how I define bliss
Your signature, my healer.

I don't fear to lose you
Maybe because,
I don't have the courage
To fear that fear.

I want to hold on
The times we spent
The memories we've made
And the ones we will make

I know you're there
Now and hopefully forever
You aren't a blessing
You're exactly how a blessing is

I don't know what
This bond is called
Maybe there isn't a name to it
To me this is a bond beyond blessings.

The bond which gives me
The freedom to be
Be what I'm
Without thinking at all.

Your being there
Is what I need
Yes, NEED.
For you're essential indeed.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Wounds: My possession!

I haven't lost the ability to heal,
Though i feel the zeal to heal
Has mysteriously vanished
Somewhere I probably can't go
Or maybe a place where I fear to be
It's all weird and unreal
The smiles and the fears
All of it is unreal.

Were my healers not mine?
Or were my wounds divine?
Divinity is to be embraced
And hence, so be it
If my healers weren't mine
At least let my wounds
Be truly mine.
They may hurt
May pretend not to hurt
At least they'll be mine
Till the end of my time.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Out of love - 42!

I didn't even realise that my possession wasn't mine anymore!
The brutal un - undo able mistakes
Which almost tend to convert
Your unhealed bruises into
Scars, forever
Are important.
Yes! They are
So that you tend
To learn the importance
Of healers and healers of sorts.
From daily dose of weird conversations to occasionally weird conversations and now to rare formal conversations, they had travelled a long distance away and apart from each other!
Hiding from the light,
She ran out of sight
Till she realised
Darkness was the only source
Of peace and delight
Death is a blessing, which will embrace you once you've sinned enough to survive.
You realise how stupid you have been all your life only when you come to know that your CONSTANTS were also temporary!
From distances to differences was a journey of misconceptions and misinterpretations.
In the maze of words they pretended to find each other.
They preferred incomplete sentences, for the full stop was their mutual fear.
She re assured her that she was there and all her unhealed wounds and bruises vanished automatically.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Out of love - 41!

Allow me to collect my fragments before you broom my soul with failures.
From talking for hours to now pretending to be busy for hours, they knew they had come a long way; on different roads.
For a change, let's just feel the unfelt and see the unseen.
If you can't be with me, atleast allow me to be alone so that I don't feel lonely anymore.
That subtle glow of the moon was a companion like no other. Selfless and serene.
Her faith was like the moon, constant and selfless.
Confrontation: The mother of all fears.
If you have faith in the term FAITH you'll probably know why some believe in magic more than science.
Shared silences, exchanged words, their souls almost felt healed.
From smoke to ashes, was a journey of cries to sighs.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Numb and confused!

It was there 
But it really wasn't 
You could see it
It could see itself too
But, that thing 
Which differentiates 
Between living and existence 
Was missing 
It was gone 
Gone for almost forever.

Almost seemed 
Like a dreadful 
Misty morning 
The one in which 
You can 
Neither see things clearly
Nor breathe properly 
It all looks good 
From your window 
But your perceptions change 
Once you step out
Of your warm comfortable zone.

It knows it breaths 
Isn't sure about 
Being alive 
They say it smiles 
And hence is 
Happy always 
But it 
Doesn't know what 
Being happy or sad is
It's almost numb now
Numb in the 
Most brutal form.

Probably at one 
Of those stages 
Pain rage and anger 
Refuse to accept it
It's confused 
It really is
Numb and confused 

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Her faith, her strength!

She was on the verge of
Losing an unfought battle
But then
She knew she had a
Magical person who
Had faith in her.

The kind of faith
Which they never
Spoke or discussed about
But, it was there.
Like the moon
Which exists
Why? You don't know
How? You don't know, again
It's there
It just is.

That faith
Is what holds
Her tight ALWAYS
That faith which
Doesn't let her
That faith which
She looks at
Every now and then.

The magical person knows
What she means to her
Her signature, her healer
Her faith, her strength
Her existence, her happiness
She doesn't have to remind
That she has faith on her
She just knows that
Magical person is there
There always.

Magic may or may not
Be an illusion
But the magical person's
Faith is real
And this is the reality
Which she loves to accept
Every minute of her life.

This is a bond
A bond beyond blessing
Which is treasured
With every breath
Nurtured every minute
Accepted with an emotion
Beyond happiness.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Out of love - 40!

What's that she asked
For her faith in the term was gone long ago.
Between the round clock and the black and white existence something somewhere died everyday.
Time doesn't heal anything all it does is makes wounds stale and stale things are usually not dwelled though the same can't be ignored.
I don't trust the term ALWAYS now, for its the one which has shaken my faith in always. Always.
I wish I had the art to love while standing firm and strong instead of falling in and for it.
The breaths don't sound that bad, after all
It's strange how old conversations never become stale.
From talking for hours to now pretending to be busy for hours, they knew they had come a long way; on different roads.
Shabby house, shoddy furniture, yet the most beautiful home in the world.
The boundary of a priceless bond is the kind of beauty every soul craves for 

Monday, 1 February 2016

This night!

The night
The one
Which they
Love to curse
For being dark.
The one
After which
They crave for
A dawn
Like a greedy dog
Yes! That night
That night
Eases me
Helps me breathe
In peace
Re assuring my faith
In serenity and light
The light  which
The darkness beholds.
Do you still hate it?
Ah! You sure do
It's your habit now
I know I know
It's okay
This night will
Love to give you
The freedom to hate
For it believes in you
Very truly
Yes! You may or may not
Hate it
But the dark sky
The bright moon
The cute little stars
Will always love you