Sunday, 11 January 2015

Identity crisis!

I strongly believe that this world is suffering from a identity crisis. I suddenly see so many "I am Charlie" coming up, half of them don't even know what this is about and are apparently doing for the style quotient. Some are doing to tell the world that something called "Right to freedom of expression" still exists and you can't snatch it away from us. This is justified and a very valid point but you don't need to be "Charlie" or someone else to fight for your rights.
Whenever we want to raise our voice against child  labour 100s of "I am Satyarthi" come up. My point of concern is that if everyone tries to become someone else then the concept of INDVIDUALITY  will become extinct. The heterogeneity of human nature will become extinct and that very moment human beings will become worse than robots.
The reason I am calling them worse than robots is because they will be all the same but the rate of efficiency would be less.
So, in order to keep the spirit of individuality and diversity of human nature alive please be what you are! :) :D

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