Thursday, 29 June 2017

Not for use!

So you think
I'm useless
Ha! You aren't wrong
I never said I'd be useful
I never claim to be
So either
Because, you know what
Whatever you use
You will eventually
If not immediately

I'm not sacred of failures
Nor am I afraid of rejection
But, I don't deserve
To be thrown away
Just because you think
You're done with me.

I love you, obviously
But, I love myself too
And, the best deal
About this business of love
Is to not let anyone including self
Let you down
Discard you
And so I choose
Not to be of
Any use to you.

Use-ables will be thrown
Unused would just be looked
Down upon
And in this quest
You could either do away
With looks
Or just remain
Shook with all
The filth a trash can
Can contain.

It's okay,
You don't have
To think
I've chosen
The easier option
The one in which
I might not fail
And that obviously
Is doing away
With looks.

I look at what
I want to
And if you
Look at me like
A hungry wolf
I'm sorry
I'll have to
Do away with
Your eyes
That once used
To keep me hook!

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