Wednesday, 5 October 2016

I don't deserve this!

I don't deserve this
Not even an ounce of it.
All your ignorance
Including those
Goddamn blue ticks
On WhatsApp.
I just don't deserve
All of this.

I take it all
Every bit of all
That you can imagine,
It slaughters
My soul
My emotions
My heart
My self esteem
And what not.
I take it all
Literally everyday.

All those
Unwept tears
Hollow feeling
Unslept nights
The futile introspection
The feeling of being
Insufficient for you
All that kills me,
Kills me every minute.

Still, I swallow all of that
You know why?
I love you,
More than you think
Much more than you know.
I've given almost
All of me to you
Only to know
In return
That I wasn't enough for you.

Rest assured,
I still will love you
I don't have
An option of
Unloving you.
You've already
Become almost everything
And now all the pain
That you have given
And are still giving
Is a part of me
And maybe my
Life too.

I won't move on
I don't want to
I want to know
Where I went wrong
What didn't I do
To keep you,
Despite you promising
Me a forever.

All my questions
Deserve answers
Each and every
One of them longs for it
And I shall
Take all your replies
Before we call it

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