Saturday, 29 October 2016

Out of love - 67!

Wanting is a pleasant feeling, craving unfortunately isn't.
The nib of my pen still bleeds, but now you are not the reason behind it. I've either healed or moved on! :)
A combination of flaws and confusions is often called life!
Everything May not stay, but somethings will. Always.
Live the moment, you'll automatically make memories worth cherishing!
Drop by drop,
bit by bit
it healed.
The then wounds
Are now scars
And I call them
Tattoos now.
It's beautiful!
You're not the culprit, my mind is!
Some create it while the rest struggle believing it. Magic!
If you can't embrace nothing, then what can you?
Nothingness and emptiness are two very different feelings. The former is almost equivalent to meditation whereas the latter might prove to be the heaviest burden, ever!

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