Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Out of love - 65!

I can be in any corner of the world. But, once you call me, I will come. Yes, especially. Not because I can, but because I want to!
Art does not happen. It just flows, effortlessly.
Don't try to simplify things, that's exactly how you end up complicating them!
I haven't won many battles, but I certainly have fought many of them. No, that doesn't make me a loser, it proves that I'm a consistent warrior.
I don't fear failing but I can't afford losing, losing you!
My craving for you is eternal, your longing for me is seasonal. And that's exactly why it's painful for me and smooth for you.
I hate to love you so often, that my fear of losing you is almost unimaginable.
Missing you drains something beyond my energy.
How I wish you said " I believe you" much before you thought, "I love you"!
I'm not lost. I've probably shredded myself by giving all of me to everyone except myself! 

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