Monday, 21 November 2016

I'm a shoulder!

I'm a shoulder
A shoulder made of
The softest cotton, possible
Yet, the firmest one
Ever available.

I exist to ease you,
To absorb your
Wept and unwept tears,
To stand with you
Right next to you
Not even a millimetre away
Just there to be with you,
In your sorrows and pain.

You may forget me
When you are happy and gay
I wouldn't mind that
In any way.

But, just look at me
When in need
And you'll find me
Right there.

I may not be strong enough,
I agree
But, rest assured
I'm firm enough to help
You ease and be.

I do not promise to
Solve your problems and trouble
But I assure you
I will stand with you
Next to you in all your
Traumas and troubles.

I'm yours
Use me as you please
But, just don't confuse
My 'use me' is a shoulder
And not a dustbin
Just know the difference
Else, is as you please.

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