Sunday, 27 November 2016

Out of love - 69!

Love will not come to you,
It'll just surround you,
Like a warm sheet of sunlight
And, a comforting breeze of,
Fresh air!
My story isn't in the books you read, it lies in the eyes you see.
The feeling and essence of being almost is the most unsatisfactory thing ever.
It's strange how you and I are bored or maybe too busy to strike a conversation, but still aren't over missing each other.
Waiting for you is painful and tiring, but now I find acceptance in it.
They call her a whore, a slut. Yet again she wrote an award winning novel as annonymous, like always.
Choose hope over trust. Hope may let you down but a breach of trust is bound to shred you to bits.
Your memories are like an earthquake they flash for a few seconds and leave me devastated.
Don't dilute what needs to be dissolved.
So they spoke, this time not to break the ice but to shred their ego.

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