Monday, 26 December 2016

Out of love - 71!

You were the reason,
I felt my heart beat
And now,
You're the reason why
I am in
Bits and pieces
Thru which my heart bleeds
It meant nothing,
We meant nothing
Yet, nothing forced us
To live, love and laugh.
It will just take courage and perseverance to heal. Nothing less, nothing more.
Healing is important. Even if it means or needs all your time. 
There's only one difference between healing and caring. You heal for your own good. And you care for a person who you consider more important than self.
But, importance is just a phase. A mere phase. 
No dear, you aren't changing things. You are a part of the change that happens every second. Change is as natural as your breath. 
The day we rise with all instead of rise above all, the universe will be a happy place.
The fear of losing you is killing me, everyday; without fail.
I love you,
And you love me back
By cutting the strands 
Of our strings attached.

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