Wednesday, 14 December 2016


Life is like a swing,
Oscillating between
The good and the bad
The happy and the sad
The joy and the sorrow.

Never stopping
Never pausing
Moving back and forth
Sometimes with purpose
Sometimes without it.

But, it never stops
It goes on
And on
Till the end of time.

Initially you have to
Put in a lot of effort
But, once it is at a steady pace
It will be smooth
Till the time someone obstructs.

Obstruction is important
Important to know how
The beauty of phases
And paces is like.

Rough and smooth
Are just phases
That will pass with time
Sometimes a little
After the time.

Hang on,
Move on
But, just don't stop
Swing on
You'll be fine
And just fine sometimes.

Like swing. Like life.

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