Saturday, 21 October 2017

Diwali 2017!

My grandfather has always been a man of few words. He didn’t write much. He was a Mathematics professor and loved the subject with utmost purity and sincerity. He used to tell me how Maths took him to places and it was his duty to make maths reach people. I didn’t like the subject and he never made any remarks on that he was okay with it, he valued my choices. He often used to say if you have to ever choose between work and worship make sure you choose work; because it is your work that will help you gain the trust of people and trust is the most important achievement in life. He made me realise how winning hearts and gaining trust are two very different yet equally important things. He had a certain glow in his eyes always. You could call it a symbol of the most pious soul or my obsession with finding a tinch of light in eyes. It’s been more than 7 years since he embraced the skies yet it feels as if he is just right next to me. His gorgeousness remains crystal clear in my head. He was obsessed with standing by people he loved. But, the major problem was he loved everybody in his life. Even if someone met him once he would make sure that he stands with him/her when they needed him. When I used to ask him the logic behind this he’d just say that the we don’t need to understand or decode people, we just need to stand by them when they need it, maybe give them a hug when they’re low. Now, that I think of it, I think he was right! What else would you want except a warm hug on a tough day? Damn! I realised it a bit too late. I used to think that the only emotion that exists is love. Until, he made me believe in how love is not an emotion but an essential for the world. I used to tell him I feel loved, he used to correct me by saying you’re surrounded by love. I am yet differentiate between the two. Tonight, I am sitting at my office desk, while everyone out there is celebrating Diwali and damn I am not sad or cranky about it. I am absolutely fine with it. Seems like Grandpa knew the plan of action of life before he made a place amongst those stars up there.
Happy Diwali, world! 💛

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