Monday, 23 October 2017

So, let’s make peace with it!

So, let’s make peace with it today
For once and for all.
I love you
And you don’t have the time
To acknowledge my love for you
But, you don’t mind me
Putting in all that effort
Because it’s a reason
For you to boast to people
“oh look at that crazy human
That human like, shit worthy thing
Could do anything for me
And I wouldn’t have to
Care a damn about it”
Woha! That’s so much for
Your pride, such a massage
For your ego.

I am glad I love you
I am glad that I still
Have the ability to
Give you more,
To pour in more
Love for you
Because I love you
From all that I have.

I am proud of the
Love, care and affection
I shower on you
Because, damn! If you look
Through my eyes
You would realise
That you deserve every
Ounce of it.

It’s okay,
You don’t have my eyes
You don’t see what I do
And so you choose to
Do what you do.

It’s fine
For you to be
Ignorant and arrogant
After all I’m not going anywhere
I’ve given you the liberty
To treat me as you like
So maybe this is what I deserve

But, rest assured
Loving you has taught me
How beautiful it is
To love unconditionally
And be comfortable
With not being or meaning
Anything to the beloved.

Thank you, you
I love you

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