Saturday, 2 December 2017

Out of love - 85!

Your ignorance doesn’t hurt anymore, not sure whether numb or just immune.
There was a time when I was,
Afraid of the thought of being alone.
Today, I’m lonely and have no time
To care or think about it!
No, you aren’t an emotion. You’re the expression they use to articulate all the beautiful emotions.
What else can you do except sparing a gaze or two?
Destruction is your symbol
Of power
Construction is mine;
I will not let your power
Tame my share of offering
To the world and the universe.
When the sky comes to you, make sure you don’t make it feel like a ceiling!
You're beautiful, but it is the concept of you that satiates my eyes and soul.
If you can’t capture it recreate it.
Had you been the love of my life
I would have forgotten you,
But alas,
You’re the very essence, fragrance and concept of love that I have embraced
How do I even think of discarding, forgetting and moving away from it?
But, those eyes always meant magic to me.

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