Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Of Passions & Power!

You talk of passions & powers,
Have you ever felt what
The craving of an unaccomplished dream
Can make you do
Can it drive you crazy?
Can it push you to the limits
That you dreaded?

If you haven’t you’re blessed,
If you have you’re blessed especially,
You know how to fight numbness,
You’ve fought the days when
Hope has left you
You know how to brave
The days when the oxygen
Leaves your lungs
Without having an impact
On your breathing.

They’d know you as
Perfectly functional
Your concealers would
Hide all that needs to
Be not shown,
But, those insides
That scream & screech
As you stomp over your
Heart & dreams
Fooling yourself as if
All is well
Will they ever forgive you
For murdering them each day?

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