Saturday, 19 May 2018

Out of love - 89!

‪Don’t invest your time in disposing off the ashes of those memoirs which have lost their meaning a while ago. Revisiting, disposing is time consuming it doesn’t deserve that.‬
But what are patterns if not a combination of unfinished-unarticulated dreams.
But what is love,
If not a combination
Of miseries,
Uncontrollable amounts of desires
And most of all the urge to give.
Do not fight battles in which you feel like a warrior’s horse and not the warrior.
When you unwind a crumbled sheet of paper,
be careful,
you’re opening up what has been crushed.
It’s going to be full of wounds and scars,
stretch with compassion,
rub your hand with ease,
it’ll open up,
just as you want it to be.
Wars won’t be wars without wounded warriors!
She once meant
Miracle & magic
She could eliminate
Everything tragic.
But, today she
Cut open my heart
Pierced the softest
Corners in which
She had poured
All her love
All this while.
You can only kill your demons
And win those wars
If they are around or a part of you
Not when you’re the demon & the war
You lose, you toxic fool.
Who are we to drool over the storm that ditched, when we ourselves are beholders of hurricanes. ———————-
Eyes were trying to lie with the lips, I had no option but to fall for it.

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