Monday, 23 April 2018

That day, she gave up!

That day, she gave up
She gave up on me
The idiot she once
Called her best friend.

She gave up because
Her best friend had
Become toxic and
Had buried all sense of logic.

She gave up because
Things had changed
And we couldn’t
Be all that sane.

She left, she went away
With all that we built
And nurtured
With and against time.

All the time and wine
We spent, which was
Once surreal
Now felt like boulders

That night, I slept for 18 hours
Maybe because
I lacked the courage
To accept, so I slept.

I slept, I am told
She wept, I bled
We were hurting
We still are.

But, then we used to
Hurt and play together
Today, we are the
Hurt for each other.

I am the reason
For her pain
I am what I
Never wanted to be

It is a month today
I haven’t slept and
I still haven’t slept
In peace for a single day

A month, I survived
I hope she did too
It’s time she moves on
For she doesn’t deserve toxicity.

She isn’t meant for poison
And if her ex-best friend
Is poison, now
She better be gone.

She is for flowers
And the skies
For all the peace
And beautiful butterflies.


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