Wednesday, 2 March 2016


You know what?
I love to hate
This feeling of
Pretending to be

I'm not fine
Nor are you
We are fooling each other.
And ourselves too.

We don't have to
We don't need to
But, we still do.

I'm a fool
And, so are you
Maybe we are just
Used to pretending
To be fine.

What is fine?
Who is fine?
Why do I have to be fine?
Why do you have to be fine?

Why can't I be
Not fine at times
Why can't I be
Crazy all the time.

I am what I am
And fine is what it is
I'm not fine
And fine is not me  either

We're different
And our difference
Is what makes us different
I'm something
You're different something
But none of us our
Something called

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