Sunday, 27 March 2016

The bond that was!

Rip me apart
Shred me into pieces
But help me forget
Your naughty teases.

You were mine
I was yours
Together we invited
This useless chaos.

I haven't heard
My heartbeat
I haven't felt my
Heart break either.

For my heart
Is still your possession
And you've still kept it
To your disposition.

The colors you see
On my canvas
Is just another lie
For its all black now.

We had our share of blacks
But blacks with you
Were as glittery as
The silver, itself.

We're all broken
Dismantled pieces of
A jigsaw puzzle
Who will never be made.

Let me find
My little solace
In this blissful pain
For that is all I now can gain.

Dodging numbness
Fearing light
Have I ran out of
My own sight?

Craving and waiting desperately
For your sight
Have I forgotten
The excuses of my delight?

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