Thursday, 24 March 2016

You and I!

It's strange how you and I
Used to walk and dream together
But now can't stand each other.

We had different infinities then
We have different infinites now
But you and I aren't we anymore

I am not what I was
You are not what you were
And so we aren't what we were

I crave for you
You crave for me too
But our egos scrap our cravings now

There are times when
I die a million times to see you
But all you see is another version of you

I'm not perfect,
Neither are you
But together we were the perfect imperfection

You aren't dead
I'm not alive
Can we get rid of this pretentious breather?

I can't message you
You can't call me
Let's pretend to be strong till our little infinity

This doesn't make sense
It never will
For you and I were senseless, since forever.

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