Monday, 26 September 2016

Appreciate your struggle, you deserve it!

I know you don't understand my struggle, and I don't even expect you to understand a bit, either. It's my struggle after-all why should you even try to empathise?

Moreover, I haven't shown you how much it takes in me to wake up, get ready and stand in front of the world. All I've shown is that I can stand because I have the courage and the power to. You've known me as a bold and independent individual, which I think I am; irrespective of the uncountable times my urge to breakdown has been, irrespective of the fact that I've wanted someone, somewhere to hold me while I was shivering in a corner which you didn't notice because I hid there so well.

You've seen my smile, despite of the immense hollow feeling that I have. I have hid all my anxieties, fears, shivers and insecurities behind that heavy curtain of smile. All my scars are suppressed under the sheet of make ups.

You still won't understand, and that's majorly because I myself haven't learnt to appreciate my share of struggle. I haven't been fair with myself and I still haven't gathered the courage to myself for being so harsh and pathetic!

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