Sunday, 11 September 2016

Out of love -62!

At the beginning of an end, the moment became a memoir of the memory to be.
The day you understand the difference between leaving and going, your life wouldn't change but the way you lead your life, might. Acceptance doesn't do wonders, but surely reduces some amount of burden!
To you, I'm just another choice.
To me, you're the reason why I curb what I wish to choose.
They taught me how to deal with problems. Unfortunately, no one taught the world how to deal with life. Sigh.
Do you have the courage and the stamina to breakdown, again?
Everytime my phone beeped, I hoped for a reply for your reply. But, the notification bar reminded me that I was waiting in vain, as always. 
Thank you for making me realise, how fatal obsession, really is! 
The day I figure out the reason, why I love you. That day just know that I've lost all the love I ever had for you!
The problem is, memories stay, but people, unfortunately don't!
Yes, it's all your fault. You shouldn't have met my expectations.

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