Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Compulsory transitions!

Back then, your not being
With me, used to
Affect me, hurt me
Now, it doesn't.
Neither do I
Crave for you
Nor do I miss you
I have almost become
Numb, now.

There are some nights
Few days when I
Look at my scars
And applaud myself
For braving the injuries
That once existed.

I've been a warrior
I still am
But, now this warrior
Doesn't stop because
Of mere wounds
And breakdowns.

Now, this warrior
Enters the battlefield
To win
Win, materialistic things
But, not hearts.

Once a lover
Now a warrior
Is a transition
That you've gifted me
And I except your
Gift with
Love and grace.

Thank you, dear. 

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