Sunday, 5 February 2017

Imperfect perfections!

You know you've been
Failing miserably,
Because what you're doing
Is not what you should
But, you still are.

Nope, the rights and the wrongs
Aren't in a mess
All your recipes of perfection
Are just in place
You're failing.

You know why?

Because, your magic
Your light, your glow
Your smile
They're gone,
Gone with the pressure
Of being,
Being perfect.

All this while when
They were teaching you
The formulas of perfection
There was none who told
You the beauty of imperfections.

They didn't teach you
That your imperfection
Was your share of magic
They didn't,
Because, maybe and just maybe
They feared the fire your
Imperfection could ignite
The light that your imperfection
Could emit and bring delight.

They, are just losers
Who just find victory
In our loss,
They, are just a bunch
Of sadists, who find pleasure
In snatching our magic.

But, they fail
Fail again
And again
Because, what they are trying
To destroy is what that has
Kept them sane and alive.

Yes, it's the imperfection
In the perfectionist
That makes them be
What they are.
Yet, they try to snatch it.

But, don't worry
For every bad
There is a good
To balance
And for them
We, the unapologetic
Still exist,
Half broken,
Almost numb,
But, still we exist.

And maybe that is
How the world is
Dealing with the
Inability of healing.

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