Thursday, 9 February 2017

You won't go, I know!

That thing which used to heal me
Is leaving me,
Leaving me in the middle of nowhere
I can't see a path
Neither backwards nor forwards.

The thing which re-assured me
To keep breathing,
Even when the oxygen stinked
That thing is leaving me.

But, you know what?
I won't stop you
Because, you've taught me
To let it go
For, if it's meant to be
It'll be
If not, then rest assured
There's a new lot, waiting.

Even though as I feel
You leaving, I'm not broken
I'm just a little low
Or maybe a little something
That I don't know.

But, don't worry you
You aren't human
You won't leave me, forever
You're, the thing which
Has taught me
Kept me
Nurtured me
Healed me
And so I'm sure
You won't leave me.

If you can make
Paintings out of my tears
Poetry out of my bleeding heart
And music out of my shattered soul
You, can never leave me like that.

You're art,
Not something like
Light and dark
Love and faith
Smiles and tears
You're not a mere phase
You're the eternity
That has always been real.

This phase of me feeling
You leaving
Shall pass,
But, I know
You won't pass
You'll stay,
Right here
Within me,
As always!

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