Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Teach them!

Even if you don't teach them,
Science, maths and logic
They'll eventually learn it
Or maybe they can do
Just fine without knowing that too.

What you should teach them
Is love, the power of love
The magic that love brings along
The light and the infinity that compassion
Comes with
Yes, teach them that.

It's more important
Atleast more important than knowing
What 2+2 is.

Tell them that failure
Is not the end
Tell the darkness
Is not to be feared
But to be fought
With love.

Tell them the only
Battle they need to fight against
Is the battle going on in their head
And, that missiles and guns
Are absolutely useless.

All those borders
And boundaries
Are made by cowards
Teach them how to
Embrace the power
Of infinity and compassion.

Our kids,
Your children
My fellow human beings
Need not know
What is important
To print notes
For that is what
Necessity will force them to learn.

What the black and white
And all your schools
Will fail to teach
Is the power of
Colours, love, imagination
Infinity and freedom
For they are slaves of
Boundations and boundaries themselves.

And that's sad, very sad
But, what's light without dark
We can always teach
Without classrooms and blackboards
For love of knowledge
Knowledge of love
Have never known any bounds.

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