Thursday, 23 March 2017

Out of love - 77!

You know what?
People leave, ignore and hurt.
You know what?
We're all people.
When you can't call it quits with grace,
Don't begin it in the first place.
I regret you,
But never have I regretted loving you.
Not that you would,
But, I sincerely wish
You could!
If loving it makes you unlove yourself, just know that it's not worth it. It never was, it never will be.
It takes time,
Time doesn't stop.
Don't worry,
Your life won't be a flop.
The questions of the mind seek answers,
While the questions of the heart of soul seek peace and solace.
Every Time I beg you to stay, I fail as a keeper first and a confidant next.
It was emitting all the kind of gold which could fill all the cracks in my soul.
That crack in my soul that you and i refuse to acknowledge is exactly the place where my stream of art flows from!

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