Saturday, 4 March 2017

The love that darkness emits!

My affair with darkness
Is no news,
We've realised we hate each other
Just like they hate
The fresh shit of a bird on their head.

You know what's beautiful?
We give each other company
Everyday without fail
Till darkness fades
And my eyelids give up.

We've been constants
Just like sun and light
Unacknowledged, unwanted
Yet there without
Any reason or logic.

Something which
Seems like love
But will never be
Treated as love

For you know
We don't like each other
The dark wants me to sleep
I want the dark to be light

Yet, we want and crave
Each other every night.
Every night when
A new cyclone within
Is destroying me
It's this black dark sky
Holding me.

There is something
About the nights
Maybe faith
Or just some magic
Which makes me feel
Dreamy, easy and comfortable
In times tragic.

Every day I wish
Only if nights
Could be longer
And my mornings
Could be a little stronger.

But, damn.
They're just wishes
Unreal, stupid and mine
Who's going to fulfil them
When I have given up
So many times.

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