Thursday, 2 March 2017

Yet, we manage!

You know what the best thing is?
It is the fact that we manage,
Manage to live,
Live without love
Without constants
Without lifelines.

We manage,
To live,
To survive
Or maybe it's just
The respiratory system
That's functional
And an organ that
Pumps blood without fail.

Whatever it maybe,
We manage.
Just manage
Like pros in the field.

However weak we may feel
However fragile our souls be
We just manage.
Manage enough
To fool ourselves
That this too shall pass
That we aren't the kind of beings
Who give up
In and on life
Because of people.

Somewhere within
There is a tsunami in the making
A cyclone already whirling
A child who is crying
Yet, we manage.

This business of acting
To manage life like a cakewalk
Is so weakening
That I have almost forgotten
What weakness would feel like
And maybe, that forgetfulness
Has made me feel
Or rather forced me to believe
That I'll just manage.

Manage life, yet again.

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