Sunday, 5 March 2017

Out of love - 76!

The best part of magic,
It's neither right nor wrong.
It just is.
The best thing about us is, you don't give a damn and i give a damn about every damn thing related to you!
Some pray, while the rest wish that they're the ones some are praying for.
We live in the age of Snapchat, we love to capture moments but fail to keep the people who transform moments into beautiful memories.
You have often had the courage to take the air out of my lungs, but very unfortunately you haven't been able to kill me.
I win, even if it means otherwise to you.
One man's pastime is another man's business.
Attachment with objects can be injurious to health.
However, attachment to human beings is fatal.
Some un-heal-able wounds should never become scars, so that they remind you of your inability to heal at times.
The magic is not in us, it's in the characters we believe/imagine that reside in us.
So you think destroying the memoirs of our memories will erase the moments that made it to our lists of memories? Ha.

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