Monday, 29 May 2017

Battle it, with love, dignity and grace!

The battle that we are
Trying to fight
Every minute
Every second
Is not easy.

Yes, it's not easy
It never was
It never will be
But, does that mean
It's difficult?
Or does it mean
It's not just easy?

In this not so easy
Battle we all
Damage parts of us
Yes, including
The damn
Mind body and soul
But, does that mean
We give up?

Or do we ever give up
Or it's just always
Giving in and
Getting labeled
As if you
Gave up?

You give in
You lose
You give up
You lose 
You fight
You lose
You just lose
All the damn time.

But, still
Does that mean
You stop fighting?
Does that mean
You stop embracing
Your wounds?
Or does it just
Mean that
Anger, rage and disruption
Is not a battle
But a mere part of life
Which you can hug, kiss
And deal with it
With dignity and grace!

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