Friday, 5 May 2017

You know it because!

You know it
Because you made it
You made something similar
To what they call an artist
From a crazy escapist.

You know it
Because when academics
Had given up
And, people were totally fed up
You were there.

You know it because
When they thought
I had lost all my
Unfought battles
You thought how
Important it was to
End battles
Because, they anyway
Did no good.

You know it because
I would have never
Got ready at 6:30am
For something
I never knew
Could be real
Because I never
Gave it my best shot.

You know it because
When they were
Finding sins in my colours
And crimes in the strokes of my brush
You were there to call it

You know it because
It's only you who knows
The word ART
Has pinched me
Much more than my
Board exam result
My failed Physics exams
And more.

You know it because
When I would play Tabla
You would always want me
To cross a benchmark
That I had decided for myself
So, that I could sleep well that night.

You know it because
Every time I try to write
You already know why I
Wrote it.

You know it because
Every time I had a bad day
And you would call up
And say, "Are you at Perch again?"
And with that question
You would just say
"Don't worry, it's all sorted"

You know it because
Every time I would
Enter Triveni you knew
I was looking for something
That could heal my soul
And ease my mind.

You know it because
When people are
All busy giving me
Blue ticks on Whatsapp
You were right there sitting
Right across me not letting me
Take a selfie with you
So that our memories
Couldn't have memoirs
And once you were gone
I wouldn't have to bear
The pain of our heartfelt memories.

You know it because
I have never spoken
To you about my problems
Because you already knew the
Hurricane inside me
And always had that answer
"No sorrow deserves more than 72 hours"

Now you're gone
You aren't even gone
You're dead
And I don't know how
To proceed ahead.

It's been exactly
3 days and I'm over the sorrow
Or that's what I want to believe
Because that's what you said
But, what do I do with that
Hollow thing
Which is not letting my lungs
Function properly ?

You told me how to deal
With failure and sorrow
But, how did you forget
To tell me what do I do
With a feeling so
Suffocating and hollow?

You know, Dada
You know it because
You just always know
Everything because
You just do.

It's okay dada,
Don't worry, it'll all be good
Even if it's up there
Or down here
Don't worry!

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