Thursday, 11 May 2017

You know if you know!

You know if you know,
I love you and
You choose to exploit me
I won't be surprised,
Because, I've loved you
Loved you with all I've.

But, it's me who has
Made the choice to love you
Even if not consciously
Then maybe sub - consciously
And, you in no way
Are ever bound to love me back.

It's my love after all
My mistake or my solace
That's a problem
I deal with
And rest assured
You will never know
What good, bad and ugly it has
Done to me.

Now, that you've chosen
To exploit me
For all you want
I don't blame you
And I don't blame
Myself either
For getting exploited
Because, you know
I didn't use my head
To love.

Even after you've done
What to me wasn't the
Best you could
I still will choose
To love you
Yes, like always
As always
For that's what
I've known
And, rest assured
You won't be able to
Change that, ever.

Stay, be, do
What you may choose to
But, rest assured
I'll always be there for you
Even if you choose not to.

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