Tuesday, 13 June 2017

It is not that bad, after all!

If you think hope
Keeps you intact
You aren't totally wrong
Because believe it or not
Our delusions and illusions
Have always been
As important as what
They call facts and science.

They won't let you
Believe in magic
Because that will
Fail their lust for
Logic and science
But, rest assured the
Components of your
Very own unheard
Dreams are as real.
This uncontrollable lust
For science and logic
Makes wars and times
Oh so tragic
Yet, they drool
All over that filth.

Don't be filthy
Don't be jealous
For an eye for
An makes the world blind.

Believe in love
And in peace
It's all real
Till you believe.

Don't spit the venom
Help people clean it
What's within
And around
For some have to give
For others to feel
The bliss of taking
The beauty that surrounds.

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