Sunday, 18 June 2017

Out of love - 82!

Love isn't meant to do any good to you, it just builds a crack in you where all the light can enter, they usually call that crack a heartbreak
Our battles are more of giving in more than giving up.
The only serious problem is that we don't take our serious problems seriously!
We fuck up more than a lot of times, but let's not live in the delusion that it is all okay and normal. There is no pride or glory in screwing things up. It is shit. And shit can never be a perfume even if it is normal af! You fuck up, you suffer; that is it.
Let the pain consume you;
Maybe that is the only way
You will realise how important
It is to not underestimate the same.

Rest assured, you'll emit all the gold and light in the end!y
Write your autobiography and categorize it as fiction, because looking back is just as unreal as it gets!
A shot in the heart kills
A shot through the heart doesn't let you die while killing you every moment
If you don't consume pain, then how will you bleed art?
It's okay if you think my dreams are unreal, I've spent a major part of time believing the same too!
It's the lust for victory that has killed the humanity inside out!

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