Friday, 13 April 2018

Follow Your Heart Till It Boomerangs!

I've often heard people bask in the glory of this concept of following the heart. Be fearless, be bold do what you want to. This concept has been so beautifully packaged that it actually gets each bit of the individual. While this best deal of follow your heart was doing rounds around me I decided to fall for the trap.

But, what happens next?

It boomerangs, right in the face. You know why? Because, it wasn't/ isn't packaged as a plan. It is raw, as in the heart. Things that are raw are never ready for the market, you may choose to read market as society because that is what it actually refers to.

Live, fall, rise, do, be but do none in the name of heart.

While this may sound very weird but the heart in the human body is also caged by the rib cage. There can be 2 ways to decode this. First, the heart is so fragile that it needs to be protected by a cage so that it doesn't get damaged; Second, it's a trap!

Whichever the case maybe, the fact of the matter is, are we ready as a society except the vulnerability or the fragility of the heart? The bigger question here is that should these complications stop you from listening to what your heart beats for? Ummm...probably no! But, some coordination between mind and heart is always a good idea. Listen to your heart, let your head make a package out it and boom, you're all ready to deal with the market.

Here’s to more dreams, stronger passions and beautiful scars! Cheers.

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