Thursday, 7 June 2018

Out of love - 90!

Now, I use my unacknowledged love for you to my benefit,
The blood oozing out of the cracks in my heart,
Is now the ink I use to create a bit of art & magic.
On some days,
Words & hope fail
To heal the bruises
Of the soul,
On those days
Give silence & darkness
A fair chance,
They deserve it after all.
Look at that moon,
which stays still,
at ease,
hopefully at peace,
while you & I run
each day on the roads we hate,
towards the destinations we dread
Breathless, scared, functional.
Thrash me hard
Scold me loud & clear
Smash my passions
Set my dreams ablaze
And, then, sit back
And watch how my
Aspirations rise from ashes
Like a pheonix
In the open sky.
Break my Hands & my legs
Don’t spare my heart for it has sinned
To dream, to aspire & to believe
Derive pleasure as you see me break
And then watch me resist shattering
For I will conquer, what I choose to
As & when I need to.
Beyond boundaries, across borders,
Just where the passion kisses profession.
I will find myself, performing for Satan.
To the nights we spent moon gazing, as I kept my heavy head on your right shoulder while you played with my hair with your left hand while repeating your oh so favourite dialogue, “Right side is for the weight, the left is for the therapy” & I as usual would not buy that because what’s with the left and the right when there is just darkness and no light to which you’d say “I love this genre of loyalty by the night sky it’s always dark, unlike the days which are bright on some, gloomy on others. Shouldn’t the darkness be goals for being so loyal, so pure, so therapeutic?” to which I’d just nod & be. To the nights that translated to gloomy days & to the moments that are now just memories of......our erstwhile wounds & current scars.
That’s the thing with dreams,
They don’t die,
You will have to kill them,
Bit by bit, piece by piece, part by part
Till the time you haven’t slaughtered it will
Your sleep won’t kiss you,
And once you have murdered it
A good night’s sleep will kiss
And your heart will continue
To exist just like a stranded lover
Broken, hurting, functional.
You and I,
Are like the sun & the moon
Living apart
Staying together, always.
Between heaven & hell,
Lie your dreams in a tiny nutshell.

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