Thursday, 14 June 2018


Who are you to call yourself
A solider, you wretched coward.
Your wars are lost,
Your battles remain un-fought
Yet you address
Your combination of blood & bones
As a solider?

You moron, you loser, you cheat
How did you ever think
That there existed a solider
In your soul
As you once claimed it to be.

But, now that you’ve been
Told to believe that you
Are neither a warrior
Nor a solider
What have you chosen to be?

A soft murmur, a gentle hug
Reassures, that soldiers
Are never born, they’re built
By their own power & strength
And to me, I am a solider
Who has chosen to step in
The battle field
And that is enough of a reason
To believe that I will
Continue to be a solider
Till the time
I prove my blood & sweat,

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